AERODRUMS – Unboxing, Review, and Demo w/ The Orlando Drummer

Unboxing, Review, and Demonstration of Aerodrums. Enjoy!

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ron ron says:

That’s soo fucking cooool!!!! But it would hard to play fast

ADGaming says:

his face while drumming..: >:o lol i luv it

dog74586 says:

add this with vr or ar and a pretty neat product

Josiah Elijah Fernandez says:

Still need to buy a camera in palystation 🙁

AnubisXII says:

Snoozy be chillin.

Benja P says:

That hangovered dog tho XD

Atalia R says:

Do you really need the camera?

Anthony Martin says:

Definitely one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen. Great information and product demo… Nice job!!

Michael l-_l- says:

I feel like this would be really useful for me. I live in an apartment, but my brother and I have a lil studio/band room at my parents. If I’m just writing music and want to come up with drums while I’m in my apartment, I can just record with these, and send it to my brother real quick. then when we are able to go to my parents, actually record the drums on the real kit.

Nitrus says:

does this require internet

Ramble-on says:

Love your dog!!!!!

Stankafucile says:

How does the unit detect the rock faces he makes whilst drumming. Crucial tech at work there! Ha. Sounded great bud.

Samiran Sonowal says:


Pedro Jet Campos says:

Que treco paia !!!

Robert Mcintosh says:

Can u configure kit to suit left handed drumers

赵沈缘 says:


glenny oc says:

I thought it was some kind if a joke

subilon says:

I’m not convinced.Theres nothing like the real thing in my book!

ThereIsNoVlog says:

I see this airdrum technology coming into the gaming into sometime like and JustDance/Rock Band mashup

Ouarem Cracken says:

The sound is nice but without rebound and feel I prefer silent pads over this.

Marco Barbiero says:

mmmm…..please….Can you play some fast time? fast swing? a rolling one-handed?

Adam Tuminaro says:

Answers to a few common questions:

Yes, you can set up the kit as a lefty.

Yes, you can configure double bass.

The glasses are to block the camera’s light.

Yes, you can change all the drum sounds and use different kits.

While far from a “toy” the real world application of Aerodrums is more likely to be in the recording studio than in the practice room. This does not replace your drum set, but it does give you a “silent” recording option for those who need it. It doesn’t have to “replace your drum set” to be useful!

Thanks everyone!

Nicholas Wilde says:

Your dog was so chill xD Great review, btw.

dXb says:

I see, this works well. But it is the most stupid thing I’ve seen in a long time.

FraRu b says:


Rich T. says:

Cool idea but not good for the simple fact of taking away the feel and bounce of a kit.


How much did you pay for it

Kevin Will says:

Nice video but what about if I wanna try with double pedal? 🙁

GorcStew says:

The dog does not seem as enthusiastic about it as he should be

Jules RDT says:

Do not buy it!!!

Riya Relan says:

What’s the guarantee of censors in it. Is it durable? How many years this will continue to work?
And how affordable is it. Thanks.

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