Aerodrums – REVIEW & DEMO – A new tool to play the drums

If you want to learn or practice the drums with a very low budget and without making any noise, here is a review of a fantastic new tool for drummers : Aerodrums

Aerodrums product page



Salamander Man says:


Nathan 0510 says:

Mes des sous titre en français stop car sa m’intéresse mais je ne comprends pas.

Kevin Lai says:


Leonardo Torre Patrucco says:

Ei hii theree one question. Your roland drum is the TD-30K ????

AbsolutionPrime arme says:


Thomas Louis says:

oh mon dieu… mais t’es francais en faite ! bon bah j’ai appris un truc cool, grace à ton sublime accent :p

Marianek says:


Super Patate says:

pourquoi tu ne la fais pas en français, il y a beaucoup de test en anglais mais presque aucun en français.
Sinon continue tes vidéos elles sont géniales !!

Stamatis Tsolelis says:

this “thing” do drumming only toy isn’t pro and is not help the begginer player for the first touch of the stage situation but only confuse him for how easy it is but is not!!If someone says that i practice very much and do it with this gadget it cheat himself!!

Maud de Beijer says:

*hears AC DC* *Likes*

Pwng Unicorn says:

Nice man !!!

gaming TV says:


CAMPER Honsa says:

It’s pronounced eero drums, not ajro drums.

Antoine Fadavi says:

Très beau boulot, superbe vidéo !

Viciout says:


Oakley Slate says:

Plz do a cover on a song by breaking Benjamin!

Lisa ;' says:

WOW…. i can’t get over this…. is so COOL !

Rodrigo Clemente says:

Muito bom, quanto custa esse equipamento?
Use the translator please!

Meng Liang Boo says:

The price of this aerodrum?

varun sharma says:

can u please tell how can I buy aerodrums in india or from where I could get it online

IonePawPawing says:

Do a cover of Heathens witg that.. wouls be amazing 😉


Continue tu as un super talent!

Lisa ;' says:

Cool…. nice to hear your voice Adrien… You are the best !

arnt jlb 02 says:

C’est cool d’avoir un batteur Français qui perce au près des anglophones

Oakley Slate says:

Finally a new video!

robinclt says:

Ça serait tellement cool que tu fasses tes vidéos dans la langue française

Celine Lee Grassi-Hoying says:

This sounds like a very interesting tool. You see, I always wanted to play the drums but my dad refused to buy me a set due to the high costs. Maybe the lower cost on this one will help get him to buy it for me to learn.

Dc drumfj says:

Ça ne te gêne pas pour les rebonds ?

duchu14 says:

nice video

Nathan 0510 says:

Désolé pour le stop

Ezra Davey says:

Wicked man, so dope

Odakim says:

Tu devrait parler français dans tes vidéos

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