Addictive Drums 2 Review

This is a review of the Addictive Drums 2 virtual instrument by XLN Audio.
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noisyneil says:

i use AD2 and love it, but i never use as many grace notes in quick succession as you have in the solo you transcribed. i’m surprised at how badly the grace notes are machine-gunning in the first example.


Very good review.. Thanks

Siam 191 says:

im gonna sample the drums from this video

George Datseris says:

I use AD2 with my e-drum (Alesis DM10 X Mesh) and it is great. I highly recommend to anyone. I have only used the Funk, Jazz sticks and Studio Rock kits so far but the customization is so vast that those 3 are enough for me.


What pak are the ludwig toms from?

Alex Henri says:

you record this with a electric drum kit right ?

bmonstrosity says:

Damn, wish I hadn’t already spent a ton of money on Superior Drummer. I’d be all over this….

ddummer says:

Only downside with AD is the hihat controller… Superior drums got a much better trigger algo where it acts after the hit where AD only respond when you hit and after that you do not get any useful foot action where it simply won´t flow as good when you play live on an e-kit. But AD is the only plug I use for drums and I love it every day. 🙂

Stanley Serrano says:

I started laughing after that “Mmm” coming out of you from the Ludwig set! Cool review!

Michael Drums says:

nice interface ! i use superior drummer… the interface isnt so clean like this, but awesome sound !
i like also in sd2, the variation ofvelocity settings.. and “soft velocity limit”for each instrument for a
nice feel on my E drum.

Ben Johnson says:

Hi Austin,

I dig all your videos, thanks for doing them. I do a lot of transcribing in Logic as well. When you installed AD2, did you have to go in and manually map the kits as MIDI instruments in Logic, or does it do that natively? In other words, do you have to use the kit builder in the plugin, create a kit, then port it into Logic so you can choose it in the MIDI environment, so it’s available to choose (among Bluebird, Brooklyn, East Bay, etc.) or is AD2 handling all of that parallel to Logic and you just choose AD2 from the Library and control all of it in the plugin? Sorry, I’m sure I worded that more confusing than I needed to.

Sage Syberian says:

ye man installation and licensing (no activation limit only instance limit) are the main reasons i switched to this 😀

Carl Ciadella says:

Would I be able to install this into my Mac book pro, connect it to my Roland TD 12 and use it with my v drums? Would there be latency issues? Thank you.

Nick T says:

How did you get the drum names to be visible in Piano Roll? My “drum Names” is greyed out.

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