$700 Drums VS $5,000 Drums

(RED) Cheap Kit

PDP Drum Kit – $400
ZBT Cymbal Starter Kit – $200
Evans HD Dry Snare Head – $15
Evans EC2 Clear Tom Pack – $50
Evans EMAD Clear Bass Drum Batter Head – $45

Total Cost: $710.00

(BROWN) Expensive Kit

Truth Custom Drum Kit – $3,500
Zildjian A and K Custom Cymbals – $1,635
Evans HD Dry Snare Head – $15
Evans EC2 Clear Tom Pack – $50
Evans EMAD Clear Bass Drum Batter Head – $45

Total Cost: $5,245.00

There was no EQ added to any of the tracks. The ONLY post processing done was compression to balance out the hits, and overall volume control.

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ryan f says:

A good mix engineer can make a terrible kit sound like a million bucks

George Munoz says:

Nicer resonance on the expensive kit. When playing a basic rock beat not so much of a difference, other than a sweeter bass drum kick, but when you play the toms, the expensive set makes a nicer difference.

Arikxul GTA says:

I want to start a band but I don’t got any money should I save up for a cheap starter kit and work my way up to a high end one?

Mason Webber says:

that’s a sound percussion kit

ahmed SheTos says:

song name ?

Chris Madden says:

My experience tells me a cheap kit can sound good but takes tons more effort to sound good. An ‘expensive’ kit with that much work will sound amazing

Alfie Fernandez says:

The snare has differences but the rest are the same.

Петросян Сергей says:

Where can i find this cool songs man?

BigHeartedMan65 says:

What Mic’s did you use ? I never saw them listed … Thanks

ForgedByFortitude says:

the difference is night and day, the truth kid absolutely sounds better, way better even. but… the cheap kit sounds the furthest thing from bad

Bob Smith says:

The $700 kit didn’t necessarily sound “bad” but I dare say with work could sound better – hard to compare the snares as well given the difference in depth. Would I like to go onstage at MSG playing the $700 kit, no, but by the same measure am I going to take a $5000 drum kit to a dive bar? Might just be me, but as a drummer my priority on spending would be cymbals & snare followed by kick, then toms – I feel that’s where for me the money is best justified.

Then again I’ll say I’ve seen plenty of not so great bands rock up with the best of gear – high end gear won’t save you if you sound like a bag of cats in a river.

Raikku Hagert says:

Red sounded better to me!

Joshua Colyer says:

I would choose the $5,000 drumset because the snare drum is deeper in size and the bass drum is bigger and has more thud in it

Flamin Dj says:

Man how much time you use to practice in one day

Snaffy Lyn says:

You should be a pro to sound different. You fear your drumsets.

BragClub450 says:

i cant hear a difference, but the toms sound better

KY Trapping Outdoors says:

The cheaper snare wasn’t as good but the toms and kick was better on the cheaper set

Mohammad Ahmat says:

Really different. Thank you for the vid.

Shauryan Ratan says:

why are you using a mega bell ride for one and a normal ride for other

MegaGameFace #1 says:

I liked the cheap one better

privet vastutnestoyalo says:

Which was the expensive one?

Ye Yed says:

What resonant head did he use on this?

abdo el says:

Am a fan of you bro and i wish to have an electric guitar to play as you drum

John peoplefox says:

I think both kits are shit for what this guy paid.
As the cheap kits go an entry PDP or a yamaha stage custom can’t be beaten.

T.J. Schaff says:

From my playing experience heads matter more than shells. Head tuning is the most important part of getting a set to sing. I’ve seen plenty of $300 kits that sound beautiful with a proper tune on heads, and $2000 kits that arent tuned right that sound like garbage. Just my opinion!

Brys456789 Hall says:

I think the red is better it sounds better and looks nicer

James Fulmer says:

The cheap kit sounded better. So I tell ya what I’m gonna do for ya. Because I like you, I will take that expensive set off yer hands. Go ahead and box it up and mail it to me. You’re welcome.

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