What do you get when you put 5,000 year-old bog oak wood in the hands of a master snare drum builder? You get the Subterranean series snare drum from Andrew Johnstone of Repercussion Drums. Find out more about Repercussion Drums here – https://goo.gl/dBe4gF


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Daniel Reily says:

Well you have convinced me , who needs moon gel ??

Fabcra says:

I’m in love with this snare <3

Huba Kertesz says:

Broh give a sample 😐

Dave. L says:

Didn’t know they made snare drums 5000 years ago, but it seems to have held up pretty well for its age. 😉

Daniel Zięć says:

Amazing snare !!!

Will Galloway says:


TheOriginalGayman says:

Sounds fucking awesome!

Ibanezman03 says:

I would really like to see more in detail how you mic’ed everything. really digging the sound

Andrew johnston says:

Hey Ben. Really glad you like my snare…..loving the grooves too!! Look out for the San Quentin series, coming soon – http://www.repercussiondrums.co.uk

Cheddar Kung Pao says:

As a guitar player who knows almost nothing about drums; that snare sounded great with or without the moon gel.

Rory Fuller says:

You should have used a g1 then the snare would have knowhere to hide and we could get it’s full potential as a 1 ply head is the most versatile

Comp3630 says:

DAMN…that snare sounds so clean.

petoPMKA says:

great sound and playing, let me ask (out of topic) whats the main crash above the hi hat ?

Canaan Lawrence says:

Ben Minal, your facial hair looks like the Rebel Alliance symbol from Star Wars. I respect that. Great video also!

Vladislav Strelkov says:

Dem Starclassic lugs, gotta love me some Tama

Josue Vela says:

Wow beautiful snare drum

Jesse Yasaitis says:

My drummer asked why I have a Klon KTR, a OD-1 clone, and a tube screamer in front of my amp. “They all sound the same to me” he said. And yes the slight differences in all those OD pedals get lost in the mix. But, they influence MY playing and how I feel my guitar sound. Which translates into an authentic performance.

Stuart Rae says:

That snare is too cool

Doug Payne says:

*O l d W o o d* *R e s o n a n c e*

Hen Levy says:

The moment you took that moongel off… i just sighed in relief

Sam Birch says:


Jason Sayers says:

Man! I fell in love with it from the first hit but when that gel came off!!!!!!!!!!! Where do i buy it? lol

Luc DiGiuseppe says:

Sounding thick! I actually dig it without the dampening, which is odd for me.

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