2016 Yamaha *RECORDING CUSTOM SNARE DRUMS* – Complete Review

Everything you’d like to know about the new 2016 Yamaha Recording Custom snares is right here in this extensive & detailed review! If you’re looking for pre-purchase info on these, this may be the most detailed review of the new line on YouTube.


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Erik B Larsson says:

I’m on the look out for a new snare drum. And it stands between the aluminum snare or the new Akira Jimbo snare. This video helps!

Hadrorex says:

I have a rare show’n tell salesman demo Ludwig 8 1/2 X 14 Stainless Steel from 1972.  Love that sound!  It’s complemented with an eight-piece Yamaha Custom Absolute kit in Plum Stain. Thanks for the videos!

Christian Canalita says:

I LOVE the aluminum one! With the die cast hoop, the cross-sticks are going to sound sweet!

drummaman1 says:

All of Yamaha pro drum gear since Maple Custom, the tension rod inserts have a nylon bushing to keep it from backing out quickly (it still backs out). That’s that “security” feeling you’re getting when tuning the snare drums. Nice video!

Geoff Hicks says:

Super useful info Rob. Much appreciated.

Vladimir Lopez says:

That stainless is awesome it has a snap to it that really catches my attention.

DrumsJulz says:

Again, great video, Rob!
And these drums…oh my god!
I think i’d go with the aluminum 14×5.
To my ears, it has just the right amount of body, full tone, crack and the volume i need.

Yamaha Drums (Official) says:

Great video!

filthewheell says:

you did a awesome job!    thx you for that

TheGurner1 says:

Ally, I’m going to grab one for my jazz and funk 😉 Great review!

Sanal Leejean says:

awesome steel snare!

question, what mics/gain you are using in this video? sounds pretty alive for a sm57 mic, ha 🙂

Matthew Paluch says:


Brad Anderson says:

The 5.5 stainless sounds really really great… So does the brass.. omg I need both.

Narz says:

0:53 Steel
1:35 Aluminum
2:17 Brass

Mehmet Tezcan says:

Hi Rob, thanks a lot for this comparison, well done! I don’t prefer steel snares in general and as soon as you switched to the aluminium model in this video, I re-confirmed this to myself. I am a big fan of your videos/channel and always look forward to new stuff that you put out. Keep on grooving man, all the best to you!

David Curtis says:

Rob, FANTASTIC video. I’m usually a Brass man but dude that stainless steel- WOW!! LOVE IT!!!!! Also great that Yamaha includes the 10 strains. Great stuff Yamaha. Gadd is the man! Rob great video bro,
David Curtis Drumming

Jeff Smith says:

I have a mid 70s Acrolite aluminum 14×5 and every time I play out with it people complement the sound of that snare. As soon as you hit the aluminum Yamaha I thought, that’s the one for me. Great review Rob!

erik smith says:

Great video! – Erik Smith, Yamaha artist

Chez says:

Great stuff can you teach 20:40

bruce cryor says:

Brass one is joining the club asap

Peter M says:

Wow just came across your review, EXCELLENT job. Looking forward to watching your other reviews/videos. Your playing was awesome too but you never overshadowed your goal to let us hear each drum. Again nice job. I’m a fan of your now.

Matthew Paluch says:

Made in Taiwan???

7117HHX says:

What cymbals are you using? They look like Signatures, perhaps Dark Energies or Traditionals?

Great informative video as always!

Joel Frank says:

Oh God, they all sound Good! I’m an Aluminum Fan all the way, after owning a Ludwig Acrolite. My most favorite 8 lug snare. But I need the Stainless Steel in my Collection, since the Aluminium has Woody qualities. I presently own a Yamaha 80’s era Brass Piccolo, and a matching Live Oak snare. So the Steel would complete my diversities.

tuna huma says:

Thanks for posting this! Since I only had used very cheap wood snare, I really want to play some metal snares.

Jan Malec says:

2:35 “Man, this is awesome!” face 😀
Anyway I recently bought Tama SLP G-Maple 13×7… it is great but I realised I am more like metal snare drum person… and that steel is uf… SOLID!

Thanks for the video Rob!

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