Woodturning Djembe Dream Part 3

The third installment of my attempt to turn a large Djembe on my rather smallish lathe. In this episode I’m turning the Djembe around, fix my steady rest, and start hollowing out the stem.






Songs in this video are:

Pierce Murphy – Versailles
Novelty Citizen – There is Nothing to Fear

All are available for free from http://www.freemusicarchive.org

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שחר נאור says:

אהלן יובל
כל הכבוד על ההשקעה.
נראה שאתה צריך כמה כלים ייעודיים לפרויקט.
תיזהר מהסורבי מהחלק שעולה על המרפק. קץ’ קטן וכול המכשיר מסתובב עם המרפק. המורה שלי נפצע מזה ודפק את המרפק לכל החיים.
אני בדיוק באמצע הכנת ג’יג להולווינג. אני אשלח לך תוכנית במייל.
תמשיך בזהירות.

H F Bowern Designs - Harold Bowern says:

Great progress Yuval


Adze Woodturning says:

The Djembe is coming along nicely.  Love the steady rest.  Cheers Scott

Rebel Turner says:

really nice project Yuval. Nice alteration to the steady rest and very resourceful to what you need to do to get it done. I look forwards to seeing the end results my friend.

Lester Barrett says:

You’re making the best out of a bad situation!

Timothy McSwain says:

Looks like you need to invest in a small air compressor and a much bigger lathe machine . gonna be a nice drum

Erik Anderson says:

I wish we were neighbors, I have several Djembe and I have wanted to make one, I have made other drums and flutes and Xaphoons and other shakers and stuff . Love it. I am going to watch the others too.

Rossi John says:

I don’t know if I missed when you mentioned it or if you didn’t but what type of wood is it

Harry’s Woodcraft says:

Coming on really well now Yuval, Great quick alteration on the steady rest, thats a big hollowing job mate,

Earl Rumble says:

I echo Mikes’ comment. I really admire your efforts on this very difficult piece. Also a very positive thumbs up for your choice of music!

RobBurnsDrums says:


MARK Baid says:

Great progress Yuval. It’s great to see your persistence in getting this project done. I applaud you for using what’s at hand to do a job you just want to do. I am waiting for your next installment.
Take care my friend and do a kindness.

jose ortega says:

de cuantos hp o caballos es el motor de tu torno

Mark Hazlewood says:

Where did you get that ring gouge? I’ve never seen anything like that. Seems to make cleaning out the inside much easier.

Keith Barrow says:

It’s great to see your progress,Yuval,and even better to see something a bit different to anything else I’ve watched.After all,we are all individuals,(I’m not) :)Cheers,Keith

Jake Webb says:

excellent stuff. I really must make a steady rest for my system but i have never used a welder. Maybe it’s time to learn a new skill.

Jack Maravola says:

That is one monster of a hollowing tool Yuval….! Nice steady rest….!

DIY with Uncle Cy says:

Awesome my friend. looks like you got the hang of the ring tool too. The shavings were flat peeling off in there. The steady rest mod worked out good too. I need to send you detailed pics of mine though you might like some of the modifications I have made. I can hardly wait to see the break through.

Custom Chris says:

Are you sure a shovel wood not work better on that deep hole. 🙂

Daniel Vilarino says:

Hi Yuval! Nice advance there my friend! That ring tool sure gets material out of the way in a hurry and nice shavings too! This series is a great example that if you persevere you get there! Keep them coming! Cheers! Daniel

Willem Kossen says:

Digging a cave. Cant wait to see you tackle the other side!

Bram the Wadesmill woodturner says:

Really getting to it now Yuval ,Great job “on the fly mod” on your steady rest ! great piece of kit you have made there. Looking forward to the next episode and good luck my friend    Bram

Paul Lockwood says:

Nice to see how you get over all these little problems with the redesign of the steady rest etc.

Mike Waldt says:

Coming on really well now Yuval, good “on the fly” alteration to the steady rest too.
I think it’s quite safe to say this is “very” deep hollowing mate 😉
Take care

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