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http://www.X8Drums.com One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is “Which Size Djembe is Right for Me?” In this video, you’ll learn why selecting the correct size djembe is so important. You’ll also view all of the various size drums for a clear understanding of the differences between the sizes. Instruction by Kenya Masala.

When choosing the size of your djembe, you should select a drum that stands tall enough for you when sitting down to play. The base of the drum should rest on the floor and the drumhead should rise about two or three inches from the top of your legs, in a sitting position with the drum leaning away from you. If the drum is too low you will have a difficult time striking the head because your knees and legs will be in the way. On the flip side, if the drum is too tall you will find that you’ll have to lift your shoulders when striking the head and this will surely lead to fatigue much quicker. You should always be in a comfortable position and shouldn’t be straining your body when playing.

To read more about this topic, click here: http://www.x8drums.com/v/blog/2007/07/which-size-djembe-is-right-for-me.asp

Djembes in this video:
Largest Size:
14″ Kente Cloth Royal Djembe: http://www.x8drums.com/Kente-Cloth-Royal-Djembe-p/x8-fb-kk.htm

Medium Size:
12″ Jammer Djembe: http://www.x8drums.com/Jammer-African-Djembe-p/x8-jammer.htm

Small Size: Custom Lion King Simba carved Djembe. Contact us to purchase.

Backpacker Size:
9″ Celtic Labyrinth Djembe: http://www.x8drums.com/Celtic-Djembe-Tote-Bag-p/pro-celticsm.htm

Extra Small Size:
7″ Kente Cloth Royal Djembe:http://www.x8drums.com/Kente-Cloth-Royal-Djembe-p/x8-fb-kk.htm


Darth Dick says:

I’am 5’5 what size would be right for me?

X8 Drums says:

Hi Skihn. A 12″ djembe would be an ideal size for you so that you can get the full range of tones that a djembe can produce. The smaller 10″ size would be a bit easier for you to tote around but the smaller playing surface will limit the range of tones that can be played. So, if you are taking classes and really want to make music, go with 12″.

Meymeygwis says:

Kenya Masala: beautiful guy, great teacher!

Pablo Alba Nova Era says:

plaaaay !!!! in the name of whatever you want , but plaaay !!! i want to hear that!

Avinash Bhasi says:

this was helpful. thank you

Jack' Vlogs says:

how much will x8 10inch by 20 inch tall will cost and shipping to Thailand please

Mirka Hordziejewicz says:

Hey, I’m 5 feet 8 and my palm is about 6.6 inches long. Will 8 inches drum head djembe be enough for me for starters? Will be grateful for some advice 🙂

lcastiglia says:

i buy the 12′ or 14′????

Naba kanta Dutta says:

Bro m 5:3 ft which size would be good for me… ???

sabrina n says:

verdade é por aí amiga….

Pulse Emitter says:

pretty sexist what he says about ladies buying drums for their boyfriends. like a girl wouldn’t be shopping for a drum for herself? kind of like, here’s a nice little pink drum for you to play.

Angie Hobbs says:

I am 5 foot tall and ordered a 16″ tall by 8-9″ around Djembe. I hope this is not to small for me.

Eva Lesovskaya says:

I’m 14 years old, girl. Which size is better – 20″10″ or 24″12?  (my height is about 67.2 inches). Thanks in advance:)

Musicaltariq777 says:

does this work for ashiko drums as well? I’m looking to buy an ashiko but I want a nice deep bass to it. I’m roughly 5′ 9″…do the sizes for ashikos run like the djembes?

H. Shane says:

Give this man a medal for being darn good at explaining! Thanks a lot!

Alex Nehl says:

thank you so much for this video! i am totally looking for a drum for the boyfriend (lol!) and we are both n00bs so this was very informative and helpful!!

Nikolay Kim says:

Thank you very much for great explanation of such a difficult question to starters.

DrummerGrrrl says:

Ladies, be sure to give your BOYFRIEND a drum that is good for his MANLY size and if you have to play drums yourself, be sure to buy the smallest diameter-sized head that’s perfect for you and children. What a dip sh*t this guy is, talking down to women.

skihn says:

I am a 5’4 small build female. which size would you recommend? =]

Jean-Luc Thomas says:

Its simba!!! on the middle drum, haha.

feralnerd5 says:

As far as the djembe resting on the ground is concerned, wouldn’t the height of the chair have more to do with that than the size of the person?

Fennelway says:

i could only find the smallest size and it barely fits my hand because im 11 but i like it anyways… the snake painted on mine is a nice touch.

Bijay Lama says:

Thank you so much…. It really helped me

X8 Drums says:

Hi Matt – the largest djembe in this video is the X8 Drums 14″ Royal Kente Cloth Djembe. You can search for it on our website by using the keywords Kente Cloth Royal Djembe. The link to the product is also available in the video description. Thanks!

Amanda Mooney says:

“ladies if you’re buying this for your boyfriend”- what? I’m buying one for me! lol. Great explanation though, very helpful.

Jorge Sanders says:

cool video!

TRIGUN says:

dose not matter when all you can afford is the smallest one XD

Matthew B says:

thanks for info

raisedfist80 says:

You explanation was very good but I have a doubt. The bass tone and high tone will change depending on the size of Djembe we choose?

Sean Lee says:

where do you get that lion king (Simaba!?) djembe?

chuk5678 says:

Is there any drum that has a 10 diameter head but is under 50 dollars? If not, there any thing under 70 dollars?

Matt Tomey says:

im looking to purchase the largest djembe in this video from x8 and i cant find any

japo javier says:

i’am a 5’3 chubby guy. which size would you recommend?

Rick Kikta says:

Plenty thank you. Way to break it down and unfold it for us.

Daniel Blake says:


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