Weedie Braimah cries tears of joy – Djembe Kan

Weedie Braimah pours his heart and soul into this solo djembe improvisation. Enjoy! http://www.worldbeat101.com

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Eli Anderson says:

Spiritual Boom!!

Feist Stefan says:

that´s the way I like it! aha aha!!! 😉

Julio Tirado says:


simon barnard says:


GimmieBacon says:


Gabriel Shikongo says:

I always thought I knew how to play Djembe drums but Weedie Braimah you are very talented man.
Thumps Up!!!
From Namibia

henry spiritdrum says:


Steven Gongadin says:

Besides the fact that he is incredibly talented, Weedie is also a really nice guy.  I met him in Nawlins when he was sitting in with Alexey Marti’s band.

3MFDS says:

Super clean, what a great player.

Isaiah Stevenson says:

A face i would expect from a guy named WEEDie

la bulle says:

Now , I cry because I saw a real man

ClearedToLand7 says:

This was an amazing performance. Well done. I have to be a child though, hold your hand up, and cover the bottom half his body and watch that face.. 🙂

Leslie Poole says:

Thank you so beautiful

Julio Tirado says:

i wish to knoe what skin its on your Djembe? i .try a few diferent skins and cant gwet mines to pop like yours

Sarah Kinnison says:

Totally insane skill. I just found out today that Weedi is from St. Louis. I thought he must have been from Mali or Guinea. USA SMOKIN THE JEMBE

Tristan le musicien says:


Koen W. Morales says:

you are funny

Bert Trenning says:

whoooooo great

Myles Thompson says:

What happened to worldbeat101? The web site’s down.

UMBUBA says:

What size is that djembe?

Alvaro Jimenez says:

no words to describe… incredible!!!!

Eric Muhlfelder says:

What a beast! Incred

Jay Breedlove says:


Walker Hayden says:

I played with him one time in Atlanta when I was 16 . dude was faster than a bullet .. at one point I remember him soloing while he was either pretending to or actually talking on his cell phone, with it cradled in between he’s neck and shoulder

chris Luna says:

you’re skill leaves me breathless, thank you for the inspiration. band practice tonight, I’m gonna bring the heat tonight with my djembe.

Timbyte says:

that face

David Barile says:

Weedie Braimah is a new word in my vocabulary. Thank you for sharing your soul, brother!

R. Duke says:

besser geht nicht AMAZING!

Kande Oly says:

Let’s be hurnes weet weedy sure you use to much fingers to play Anna African drummer call Djembe. I subjected you to go Africa staying there for 7years then back to demonstrating second time and let you know wassup

sethpettman says:

wow…. that was killer!

Sonny Lee says:

Blacks have excellent rhythm

Tatyana Semenova says:

Thank you!!

purklang says:

Hello Weedie,

I am from Germany. You`re a realy great Teacher. Please can you tell me, what rhythm it is, that you are playing there:

Thank you!

Adam Saltzberg says:

that made me smile so big….incredible work weedie!

Jimi Cyber says:

what’s all about–language!

chris sto says:

“Weedie Braimah cries tears of joy…” Maybe he just whacked his thumb on the bearing edge. Amazingly inspirational playing.

henry spiritdrum says:


Richard Hassinger says:

Its the passion of an artist that drives true appreciation…Well done!

Not Telling says:

O.  M.  G.  This dude is…AWESOME!!!!!

Michael Pluznick says:


fernando marin says:

Genial !

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