The Best Electronic Drumsets For $300

These are the best (and worst) electronic drum sets for $300. This is meant to be a guide for those in the market for a new (and cheap) electronic drumset.

DDrum Beta XP Review:

Carlsbro First Impressions Video (very old)

Drummer Tshirts:

Drum Heartbeat:
Drum Revolution:
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Carlsbro CSD130
Good: VERY compact, pads don’t wobble much and feels solid. The rubber pads feel good
Bad: TERRIBLE sounds, and it costs $50 too much

DD Beta (no kick pad)
Good: It extends like crazy. I’m over six foot tall, and I can make this thing almost TOO big for me. Actually has a kick pad. Sounds are very raw and might appeal to some.
Bad: It doesn’t feel very high quality. Module is confusing. No kick pad

Behringer XD8USB
Good: One of the better sound modules on this price range, solid pad sizes
Bad: multipin cable, not a fan of that, can’t use double kick pedal.

Simmons SD300
Good: comes preassembled, usb midi out,
Bad: Nothing in this kit really stands out honestly. It’s not the best sounding module, and the pads aren’t really that big either. Its also doesn’t use a kick drum pad.

Alesis Nitro
Good: has some of the best sounds in this price range. Has the kick drum tower. And is one of the newest kits at this price range.
Bad: the pads aren’t quite as big as the Behringer

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Joshua Iton says:

what about the roland TD-1kv

Kanga says:

Hey, does the Alesis Nitro have to be plugged into a speaker or amp to be heard without headphones? or can I play out with sound with a speaker?

Austin Loveless says:

can you use a double pedal on the nitro drum kit?

Jonah Wang says:

Should I get Nitro or Forge?? I have no idea!


I need some advice.

Here are my considerations:

1.) I do not care about the sound module, I will always be running through VSTs via USB. Besides, I don’t think any current module can compare to software instruments anyway.

2.) I am not a drummer in the sense of that being my key instrument. Rather, I’m a composer that can play drums, if that makes sense. So I’m not looking for that absolute best in nuance, stage presence, nor amazing longevity. These drums will be stationary in a small studio environment, so portability is not a factor either.

3.) I need decent bounce and register of ghost notes. Dynamics are important to me. Especially in the lighter registers.

4.) My “studio” is my 2 bedroom apartment. I’m not looking for a huge kit, nor anything flashy.

I’m currently looking at the Beringer you highlight in this video, but since no one carries this kit at my local music stores I want to know if the pads have decent bounce and can register ghost notes?

Also, I’m not a “beater” type of drummer and playing really fast and hard doesn’t fit my musical taste. I’m more of a groove/pocket/trap kit drummer so I’m not worried of putting a lot of wear and tare on the pads, especially cymbals. Most wear will be on the kick, snare, and HH.

Would you recommend this set under the conditions above? Do mesh heads have better bounce than rubber pads?

Jon Schroth says:

Can you record a few measures of a rhythm on an electronic kit like these, and then have it play back repeatedly on loop?

0cean27 says:

What’s your opinion on Medeli electronic drums?

WittyRemark says:

Moving into an apartment and am looking for a set primarily to practice. I don’t have drum software so would be using the module’s sounds. I have two options I’m looking at, both used kits…

A Roland TD4 (not the portable version) for $350 or the Alesis DM 8 Pro for $400.

Which would you recommend?

Miguel Rodriguez-Piñero Rivas says:

I want to add new cymbals and parts to my Behringer xd8usb, as it doesn’t have connections for extra parts, I’m planning to get a second handed drum set, connect the two modules, mix the structure and use the new pads. Is it a good idea?

Hernán Nieto says:

awesome man… !




I’ve been drumming on a ddrum beta set for six months.. it’s just okay lol

ajgor64 says:

An What Do You think about Behringer XD80USB (NOT the 8USB, but 80USB!!)? Is it good in comparison to Alesis Nitro?

supergaming !! says:

i lost my ps4 it cost over 400 dad said if i be goog hell buy another
ps4 or drums defintly drums

jordan oneal says:

Hey man love the videos . currently in the market and not sure how much i wanna spend but ill trade money for quality anyday. If you make any more reviews could you do me a favor and throw in how responsive the kits are . like if i hit it 20 times in 2 seconds will it register all 20 times. Anyways thanks again for the vids man

Billy says:

Honestly, this was an honest review that honestly didn’t help me pick a kit. I think hearing the sounds and what makes one sound better than the other would honestly be more helpful. Did I mention that I like saying honestly almost as much as he does? Honestly, I do! 😉

brettzilla craft says:

I want to play rush songs
Including parts of Neil pearts drum solos
Any kit suggestions that aren’t that expensive
I don’t mind importing the sounds I need form my computer

Yahudah Ben Israel says:

Good afternoon Sir. Firstly, I want to thank you for giving your time and resources to help those of us that are in the market for an electronic drum set, to make informed decisions based on the information that you provide. It is very valuable and appreciated. Between Alesis Nitro and Yamaha DTX 450, what is your opinion of the better kit, in terms of sound quality? Thank you.

BeanieBoy says:

I have the alesis nitro kit and I’ve been playing nearly a year now and it’s awesome! Definitely recommend it!

alex vozzella says:

Hey great videos… Have you ever used the Roland HD-1 v-drums? I bought a set, and am currently using the sounds from the module that came with it, but I would like to hook it up to Ableton Live and run addictive drums or something like that to get some better sounds. Is that possible using any MIDI to USB cable, and my Mac? Just trying to figure it out before I go on amazon to buy the cable….also, do I need some sort of audio interface? I have a Mac computer so was thinking the built-in audioface would suffice. Any tips is appreciated! Thanks for the videos.

65 Drums says:

I need to mention that I believe all these drumsets have USB MIDI (not confirmed), in that chart for each set I was was just mentioning if they have the old style MIDI connections as well. Also the weight listed for each set if the “shipping weight.”

Jesse Booth says:

Is the ringway TD36 electronic drum set good? Because I don’t wanna regret getting it

Jesse Daley says:

I just ordered the Alesis Nitro kit to use while I’m away at college. Do you think it’ll hold up for 3 years? Also are there any type of pad covers that exist that I can put on to prevent wear without compromising the sound or sensitivity?

Ninos Huerta says:

Can the nitro kit have a double bass pedal

Is mayonnaise an instrument? says:

Its funny you mention the Alesis Nitro as one of the better for around $300 because I’m getting into drumming and that’s the exact kit I was going to purchase.

Stiven Martes says:

you can put a i5 instead of a i7 and put a better graphics cards… wait.. wrong video

Mad Zone says:

Thankyou for this video Justin been researching cheap electronic drums for my 7yr old son, plus i will use it as a practice kit as its hard to find opportunities to get on my acoustic kit. Think im gonna go with the alesis nitro as it ca also handle double bass pedal.

Mel From LA says:

Yo does that nitro kit capture everything you do perfectly? I want it to use as a midi controller in my daw for triggering my drum plug in, so I dont care about built in sounds I just need functionality and performance.

Wilfredo Vazquez says:

Thanks for the video

Charles Varndell says:

What would you say is the better choice between the Pearl Roadshow 5-piece Complete Drum Set with Cymbals or the Alesis Nitro 8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit? I’m stuck between the 2.

drumskas says:

The perfect video I was looking for, thank you so much for posting

Hunter Nelson says:

Cool, did narrow down my search. I have more than 300 to spend but not trying to by myself an acoustic set until I’m as good as I prefer.

Matthew Fishman says:

Make a $400 video

The DGCC says:

I forget what price it is, but do NOT buy the Simmons SD300. It is complete junk. I bought it as a kit that I thought would last a while. But I haven’t even had for a year and a cant him a tom without the crash going off in the background. It is complete junk and don’t even think of buying it.

joe says:

these things are likely to only last a year or two? ?? I know this is the era of throwaway electronics, but that’s ridiculous. can anyone who has owned confirm?

Hatta Zainal says:

after conversation on xd8usb and alesis nitro, which one is a good and reasonable to buy?
im planing to buy xd8usb because the stock easy to get in my country, but the Alesis very difficult to get it, if i want to get Alesis must buy online and the cost shipping is very expensive.

please comment at below

Hatta from Malaysian

Moushka Gaming says:

Cheers man you helped a lot love your videos. Also is their a cheaper desktop drum modulator because I’m skint and ez drummer is expensive? Thanks

Sean L says:

Thanks so much for the review. I was torn between the Alesis Nitro and the Behringer XD8USB but after watching a LOT of videos on YouTube I just liked the sound of the XD8USB better, so I bought it on Amazon today, it arrives Thursday. Very much looking forward to checking it out and learning drums. I play piano and guitar and never tried drums.

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