Tascam DR-22WL Review

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John Bergman says:

Can you now monitor your audio through the app on your phone?

pejosanchez says:

wich is the max distance operate beetwen the tascam and the phone?tnaks and sorru for my english.

Vito Digiglio says:

am I able to use this for gaming? Like communication through the internet?

Dee says:

What incredibly annoying background music playing whilst you’re talking about an audio product.

Andrew Kamsky says:

Stupid music spoil it all. Try new age for reviews

Corey Dallmeyer says:

Would this be adequate for laying down a drum track? And sending it to my friend to put guitar over

Serif Basaran says:

I really enjoyed your review! As my Apple iPad Air 2 doesn’t record in stereo because it has only one mic with two speakers so I can hear in stereo music but my recorded video on my guitar playing is recorded in mono. I really loved watching the Tascam’s DR-22WL and DR-44WL video reviews as both models have WiFi. I don’t know if it is possible to use Apple iPad Air 2 (which I have) recording video and syncing either one of those devices for recording the audio. I also watched the video reviews for Zoom’s H5, which doesn’t have the WiFi capacity but still a excellent digital recorder

Rexx Michaels says:

Wait, u said it records x/y position in a cone shape. But after u said it wouldn’t pick up sound behind it? I’m not sure what u meant by that. Can u explain? In paranormal EVP sessions we carry the recorder in our hand facing up. So if what your saying is right, then I wasted my money???

Frank Miller says:

I agree, great portable device. I use it for first takes of podcasts wherever the inspiration hits me. Quality is way more than adequate.

David Summers says:

Can anyone help me understand why the playback is soooo quiet?

drrobotnikmeanbeanma says:

Can this power on a condenser mic ?

Daniel Evans says:

Well then, I was going to say you should show a test clip but you did that. 🙂 Great video Greek, thanks for sharing your opinions on this device.

DarkWater4Eva says:

your intro logo with sound effects looks like some Illuminati stuff lol

Brian Lally says:

Any radio folk using this little geezer …WIFI transfer is a great idea …edit en route to broadcast point …Nice price as an occasional machine .

Rock5Videos says:

“That’s what she said…”. ROFL

I admit it took me a few seconds to get that but when I did … 😀

othelo989 says:

“That’s what she said” = Instant thumbs up… Im a simple man… with Simple tastes

Bumble says:

Great vid, I think you are better without the background music though.

Lokinder Kanwar says:

1. Can this recorder work as USB mike like Zoom h1 ?
2. Is it true that this recorder use proprietary usb cable?

Rexx Michaels says:

Going to use it for paranormal investigations ieEVP sessions. I’ll let u know how it works. Got it brand new on eBay $80.00.

Onen Emmanuel says:

thank you.

GR-reviews says:

Hi. Nice video. I am considering the € 150 DR-22WL over the € 100 DR-05 just for the WIFI, although I like the DR-05 more. Had the Zoom H1 and hardly used it; didn’t like the built and usability of it.
You are welcomed to check my uploads.

Ras Al Mothallat says:

question ,i have a podcast something like a talkshow and i also include some songs,,,i use a 2 channel mixer for this podcast,,what if i plug in my mixer with my mic my background music etc ,into this recorder (mic ext line),,,is it a good rec device for recording a podcast?? am i going to get nice gain and good quality like in audacity in my pc???,,,,greetings and nice channel

I'm not Nice - Not Kind says:

Put a diffuser for the light man put a diffuser

ThisLittleShow says:

Hey, Is it possible to use the phone app to listen to the audio live while your recording? Almost like a wireless mic? I want to do interviews but make sure they’re not rustling the lapel mic when they gesture.

Tarciso Santos says:

Hi, can I mix the overdub tracks into a stereo file and bounce the TASCAM DR-22WL? Thank you.

Rexx Michaels says:

Makes me wonder why they didn’t use Bluetooth. So, while using WiFi that means the whole time I’m ghost hunting using the WiFi feature I’ll be eating my data? Or does WiFi mean it just connects it to my phone w/o using data?

John Carralero says:

Yours were the most specific review about the tascam dr22 that I’ve found, you gave a full explanation of the modes and more cool stuff that the other reviewers didn’t get to talk about, I’ll buy it in the following days, thanks for the great advice!! Saludos

Rexx Michaels says:

I just received mine today & its great. Records in wav or Mp3 format is a plus. Also up to 96 bit. I’m a sound engineer & tested the recording levels from every angle. This little guy is inexpensive & very easy to use not to mention u can load your files via WiFi to sound cloud & share them to Facebook or anywhere u want.

Normie says:

Does the headphone out work as line out to listen in real time?

KM Demos says:

can you monitor the incoming audio, from on board mics or external, with the ear phones?

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