Remo Mondo Designer Series Key Tuned Djembes

Guitar Center’s Product Spotlight provides a comprehensive overview of the Remo Mondo Designer Djembes.

The Remo Mondo Djembers come in 14×25 or 12×24.

Learn more at any Guitar Center store or online at:


duffel 86 says:

Looks good!

Fangsinurface says:

I’m glad I got one of these. this djembe sound damn good. now indnt have to worry about ropes snapping or re tightening. thank ya remoooooo

James Targhet says:

I don’t know anything about djembes, but it’s sound fucking great !!

MetalSoHard says:

that’s so awesome

Charles Cohen says:

You did _something_ to completely deaden the drum, or something happened to the sound on the way to my ears. There’s neither a convincing “boom”, nor a ringing open tone, nor a crisp slap. It’s not microphone placement — the mic (where it sits) should be picking up both center-of-head and edge-of-head sounds.

Maybe it’s YouTube compression, or the drum was sitting on a rug. But a 14″ Remo (whatever head it has) should make more righteous sounds than I hear on this video.

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