Remo Djembe Solo (Contemporary) – Earth Demo



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A personal exploration and interpretation of the tonal and rhythmic possibilities of the Remo “Earth” fibreglass djembe, specifically looking at the adaptation of western drum set rhythms onto a single membrane ethnic instrument.

IN NO WAY is this performance to represent traditional (African) Djembe playing or the recommended playing style as perceived by any ethnic percussion body, practitioner or drum maker. Google or visit Remo’s official website for more information and specifications.

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I also play the Cajon:

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Arno du Toit says:

1:30 The Neverhood

Alberto Camen says:

nu îmi placeeee

anurag shastri says:

can this be played on any djembe? or is it specific to this one?

Iza Rutkowska says:


nightheme 365 says:

Very nice!

ahmad fariz says:

ga ada yg lebih lebay lg?

a18677910716 18677910716 says:


Chirag Kansara says:

this mother fucker broken my eyaer and wastage my time. stupid man.

utkan torgut says:


Memis Memis says:


Maik Rogge says:

this is so amazing…

RJ Salazar says:

THIS is absolutely beautiful. You are showing us all the many voices that can come from one drum. Never stop being creative. ALWAYS keep finding new ways. ALWAYS.

Firdaus Daud says:

new djembe vids please…..

李厚良 says:

Alexis D'amours says:

you are so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!
in love with the djembé

Dans malou says:

mi respeto para el joven , pero en verdad me siento culpable de ver este vídeo jajaja!

Sergi M. says:

i bloody love it

رحاب المطيري says:

لا ياشيخ. خخخخخخ. يحك في البطله لساعه

Marius Nicut says:


anwor 1993 says:

هذا مريض

Tyrone Olivares says:

que inicio tan dramatico

moonking says:


Adam Cloudwalker Chase says:

What size is this drum?

Mafia Pony says:

ASMR and Djembe OMGGG is awesome <3 <3

juvenilegolden says:


Andrew Namel says:

Das coo

Jonathan Ortiz says:

everybody has their own voice in music, much respect bro. very nice.

Vincent Berame says:

the intro i think interpret the sound of the earth

Mfgbnddh Hjdyjbdruj says:

Much respect

Yifan Zhang says:

Awesome and creative

Celestial Rainbow says:


junaidi karo karo says:

Where dilo you come from…

Alieu Stian Samateh says:


Joshua Pontoh says:

what are you doing man ??

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