Prism Reflective Response 2Ply Mesh Head Review

I’ve been testing the Prism 2ply mesh head line for awhile now so here are my thoughts!

These heads are 2ply, and they are pretty thin. As you play, you immediately notice that your sticks sink into the mesh head a bit. These Prism heads are very quiet, probably the quietest 2ply heads I’ve tried. Unfortunately you can see right through them, especially the white ones. Also the material is either too stretchy, or too large. As I tightened down the 14 white head, the snare rim sunk down a bit more than normal. If you are looking for a mesh head that’s cheap and quiet, this is exactly that. If you are looking for a realistic feel, this is not the one for your needs.

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Andrew Hobden says:

Hi Justin, totally unrelated to this mesh video but have you had any experiences with the DDrum hybrid 5/6 sets? I’ve been thinking of either buying that going for a jobeky or converting an acoustic set myself? I’ve sold most of my Roland stuff but have kept my td 30 and vh11. Just cannot find much info/videos on the ddrum hybrid set? Love your videos very informative. Andy from U.K.

Kurt Rozentaun says:

i don’t have a drumm set, but i like your channel!

Drew Co says:

Really good vids keep it going

Richard Marletta says:

you got to start a drum cover channel

Fatih Yıldız says:

what do you mean when you say that stick digs in to the mesh head? i’m not a native english speaker so i don’t get that ‘phrase’ i guess.

Jon says:

These are just alibaba resells.

Graham Potter says:

Hi Justin, question has nothing to with this video but wondering if you have seen the new DDT E-Drum set and whether you have an opinion on it. Cheers

Jacob Bixby says:

Hey Justin

Joey Tapawan says:


Philip Björnberg says:

Hi man! I’m thinking about buying the Roland 50k, I’m 20 years old and have been playing drums for 7 years and got my first electronic drum kit, the Yamaha Dtx 500k, 6 years ago and haven’t upgraded anything since. I would say I’m a intermediate to advanced player and I’m wondering if it’s worth it? Or should I go for something else?
Thanks for the great content btw!!

Everett Reed says:

I have one coming in the mail. I’ll let you know how it goes

Anna Callegari says:

Justin, I have hotspot issues with my PD-125bk & PD-100Xs. Do you know if the Roland Power Ply are thicker than the stock Roland mesh heads? Also, if they are, would a thicker head reduce hot spotting?

The Music Crew says:

Great vid Justin

box champ says:

hey justin, i have a crazy idea for the ultimate edrum. imagine every drum had a built in speaker where you would hit that particular tom, snare or kick and you would here that sound coming out of that speaker inside that drum? sort of like a monitor built in every drum. imagine with mesh heads which already give you a simular feel to real drums, and now with sound coming out of the drum? would be something to look into.

Sensei Pixels says:

Great video man! This channel deserves a lot more subscribers

P.S. I’m a drummer but I need a cheap electric drum set, is the Alesis Nitro a good beginner set?

Mark Norton says:

I have both the Billy Blast 3ply and the prism 3ply . Yes they look almost identical. I haven’t played them much but they feel similar.

Alejandro Alvarez says:


Lordenzus says:


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