Kraft Music – Korg Wavedrum Global Edition Performance with Michael Jones

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The original Korg Wavedrum amazed the music world back in 1994, gaining instant fame with its innovative design, performance possibilities, and unique sounds. The power-packed, affordable next-generation Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer is here today and ready to make musical history (Again). Wavedrum Global features an electric blue shell with a striking white control panel and boasts the largest palette of cutting-edge sounds of any Wavedrum to date, plus 50 all-new and diverse “World” percussion sounds (200 total).

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Kevin C says:

It seems really cool.. at about the 1:30 mark in the video I began to wonder what the hell it exactly is that he’s playing… so I skipped forward a minute or two to hear about it… but he just kept playing….. sooo I skipped forward like another 4 minutes to find out what features he is using… but he was still hammering away on it like “that one guy” who is always in Guitar Center just going off on the demo in the percussion section with no intention of buying anything or giving anybody else a turn… so I skipped to almost the end to hear the summary of what it costs and what capabilities it has… and then I realized … :0    “Holy Cow… This video is simply a 15 minute drum solo with out a single word spoken…. Holy cow.”

lahayan says:

very good idea to use a Loop Station pedal!

Alejandro Chavez says:

the best wavedrummer i see on YT

Graviton 9 says:

what features? it’s a drum. you play it! .besides this is obviously a “performance” demo. in an effort to show the many different programs with good sound quality…

vincent gumbs says:

great review !!!!

Robert says:

Fraco, bad, roland is 10000000. best. I have a korg and i am fool.

Nuri Tata says:

Hey, how did you connect it to the TD-11kv?

Simon's Buddy says:

BEST demo I’ve seen in a long time.

Ken Ray Wilemon says:

cool use of brushes but that will only last a short while as the skins on these things start degrading really quickly, like, in a few months. Then the brushes will be useless because of the giant area in the center that has worn away. Also, for the players just getting into hand-drumming, I recommend angling the drum slightly downward away from you. I cringe to see his wrists angled back toward him. KORG should invest more to invent a skin that will last and not peel away like a snake shedding. While I’m at it: their lack of usb, memory card, foot controller input and MIDI makes me wonder just what they were thinking. Still it’s a lot of fun and very responsive. No xylophones, marimbas either but a bunch of dubious “instruments” that sound so weird they are unusable. So hard to program, too. Menu after menu of cryptic half-symbols and such. the more I write the madder I get. Roland so gets it right with the hpd series. All that said there are a FEW wavedrum patches that are totally amazing and highly useful so I am glad I have it.

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