Korg Wavedrum Mini – reviewed

The latest in Korg’s assault on electronic percussion full review text here:

Featuring a pad, plus addition clip pickup, loop recorder , effects and built in patterns.


PumpkinSeed17 says:

FYI: Works great when clipped to a drum practice pad or the soundhole of a Cajon!

Red Al Eartt says:

GREAT demo, guys — Thanks!!!

VJ FRANZ K says:

@drum4life42 NEW ELECTRIBE NEEDED! Much agreed, but this Wavedrum is quite cool on it’s own. Also the MonoTribe is quite great for the price, and it is “Tribe” related – a side branch of the evolutionary family? 😉

ArghCrazy says:

Does something similar to this exist that has usb output to allow sound uploads and/or effects tweaking from an app on the computer while being able to finger tap my desk?

Tony Mac says:

PROFESIONAL ? WHO gives a fuck, musicians piss me off

djTLM says:

I need this in my life right now!!! 🙂

disnukka79 says:

I wish these companies would stop with all this pattern triggering bullshit with these percussive instruments… It’s so gimmicky

jagdeep sharma says:

please suggest me witch wavedrum is for tabla, Dhol, Dholak, Mrdangam instrument ?

DEMO says:

You guys really are the best for reviews, great job.

Profisizer says:

They bring up concerns that the expensive mid-1990s original Wavedrum used to pick up loud sounds on-stage which seems like a potentially very valid concern and that they “don’t know about this one”. Trouble is no one follows up and that really doesn’t help the viewer who doesn’t have one to test out like they have.

Desmaad says:

Where’s nick?

JC DeFazio says:

im putting that clip on my steering wheel. i get some crazy beats going at a red light

Robert Keith says:

if you attached the sensor clip to the headstock or horn of a guitar or bass would it pick up the string vibrations and be audible ?

Syntox says:


jagdeep sharma says:

Hi Please tale me is that we can play Dhol, dholak, tabla, mrdangam instrument in this wavedrum mini ?

djSpinege says:

ohhhh myyyy gaawd! yes!

GFACE83 says:

What? No midi 🙁

Elvis Sanchez says:

These guys complaining about the unit not having MIDI makes me wary about their level of expertise. The wavedrum line has never had any MIDI. It is meant to respond like a real instrument, and KORG has always stated that, that level of sensitivity cannot be transmitted through MIDI’s narrow data stream. This review is so idiotic, it kind of ticks me off. Sonic state really disappointed me with this amateurish review : (

chessdude67 says:

Good review! I’ll stick to my Roland HandSonic. 🙂

It does look fun for around the house.

Sound City Studio Bulgaria says:

Korg Wavedrum Mini Demonstration

Social Experiment says:

it would be good for busking

jagdeep sharma says:

Hi , Dear Sir, please suggest me that : wavedrum global korg wdx and
wavedruam global meini korg ” can use of Tabla, Dhol, Dholak, Mrdnagam play?

reaz allykhan says:

this reminds me of my old yamaha dd10… is this fullon piece of gear, or you’ll get bored with it after a week.. good review

PumpkinSeed17 says:

Andy’s right. Even the pad isn’t a trigger. It’s just a surface above the microphone/transducer.

hazel winter says:


funkotronian says:

I have a question for you dude, you know how you put the clip on the book and it made one sound and then you put it on the table and it made another sound, does the surface change the sound the drum or did you change the sound on the mini drum itself? thanks

rdonolow says:

Great review.. Very portable too. But I have to disagree about your fingers only playing. Looks like there is plenty of room on the rubber surface to play with your whole hand or at least part of your hand…any comments from others??

DJillogick says:

Korg should expand upon the concept of that mic trigger…That is the most interesting part of this device to me.

Toki Castah says:


AetherElemental says:

Can’t change tempo on a drum machine? lolwat

albedo0point39 says:

Great review as always, Sonicstate!

Guata 08 says:

Who says you need midi when you have a loop pedal with midi? Muhahaha… Gotta think out side the box… Anything that makes a sound is good enough to make music with. We are always growing. Go people <3

Cole Newman says:

Korg needs to make a full electronic drum kit. Just a bunch of wavedrums haha.

Gabriel Oliveira says:

isn’t a microphone Andy, it’s a trigger 🙂

Sound Trek says:

Best review I’ve seen of this so far.

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