Heed Audio Abacus DAC Review! Humanizing your digital collection.

A product that forgoes aural fireworks in favor of a more intimate listening experience. This is my assessment of the Abacus DAC, by Heed Audio.

Heed Audio Company Page: http://heedaudio.com/

US Distributor Company Page: http://www.profundo.us/

Intro music by: Jack Shaindlin – Let’s go Sunning.


Christian Goergen aka AstraOovier says:

Schiit Dac and Tone control can replace this box for less than half of the money.

HH Scott says:

This definitely sounds like a piece I need to try. But not until I can get one used for a good price. Mainly because it sounds like it’s similar to my Scott Nixon Tube DAC in style. Another one I want to try that is already available cheaply used, albeit not very often. Is the MHDT DACs. I would love for you to review one of those man. I almost bought an MHDT Paradisea, but just had to try the Scott Nixon first after reading all the rave reviews. I read stuff like “just buy the Scott Nixon and be done with it” enough times to get the hint. And believe me. It is all that. It completely changed my setup. It was like I bought a whole new setup actually. The whole PRAT, dynamics, separation, everything completey changed. In fact I didn’t think I liked it at first. Now I’m addicted to it. Lol

And you didn’t say anything about the technology at all. Like what type of AD chip it uses, or even what type of DAC it is. You know NOS, ladder, etc. That would have been nice actually.

Still, another great video. Thank you very much man. And have a great night.

Zero Fidelity says:

So when you get right down to it – I need to stop saying when you get right down to it. 😀

Dennis Wade says:

After years of trying to be an audiophile and berating myself because I could never afford the ultimate audiophile stuff, I came to the exact same conclusions about music that you expressed in this video.
I’m coming out of the closet here: “Hello, audiophiles! I AM A MUSIC LOVER BEFORE BEING AN AUDIOPHILE!!!!. Please pound the nails into the cross gently!”
Seriously, there are some audiophile qualities i would not want to be without with my equipment, but never again at the expense of music enjoyment.
After all, isn’t that why we even have the equipment!
I reached this new perspective after many blissful late night music sessions where I was attaining an incredible ZEN state of enjoyment on very cheap gear!
This dac sounds like something I could fall deeply in love with.
Keep up the good work! Great video!!!

x PHANTOM x says:

Great video !
i need some help. i know this is somewhat unrelated to the video but.. I’m looking for an endgame DAC for my Headphone setup.
i currently have the Fostex TH900 headphones with the Bakoon hda5210mk3 AMP . im looking for the best of the best . do you have some recommendations ?

Mike Cees says:

Sounds a lot like the Rega DAC. Personally I find the biggest quality of this type of gear is that they don’t offend. On the other hand when I compared with a more lively DAC I just couldn’t go back to the Rega, it just lacked too much pizazz. Once again it’s all about finding that perfect balance or as someone once told me ”Hey dude if you go too close to the edge you might slip and fall off the cliff, on the other hand if you stay too far from the edge you might end up in a brown suit working as an accountant” PS – I have nothing against accountants or brown suits for that matter.

Gilbert Koh says:

Hi Scott, I’ve not used an external DAC b4 and I’m just wondering whether there’ll be significant SQ improvement from a $1k CD player? Next will be the type of DAC to get cus there’s RSR, Lader DACs, Sigma Deltas (using various chips types)…how different do they sound?

Swinde says:

I have what might be a stupid or possibly an ignorant question. Where does this external DAC reside in a high fidelity system or even a computer sound source. CD players and sound cards have the DACs built in. Where do you get the raw digital signal?

Solar Eclipse says:

Need needs to do some work on their web site.

Calaf_72 says:

Helpful review, thank you! Looks like lately ladder dacs are gaining favor over the ones based on delta/sigma chips.

Hi-Fi Haven says:

Great work on the video man! Great looking piece of equipment, looks like great build quality. It has a good amount of source inputs also.

Tape Master82 says:

Your description sounds like an equalizer for digital, I think Schiit makes a dac that does that

dafarce says:

Good review. Interestingly (or not), I recently read an extended forum conversation based on the conjecture that all DACs sound the same.

Doug G says:

Good review. Bite with mellow (speakers) can be a very enticing combo. Love the channel man:)

Thethruthfulsoul says:

I also have an SKX! but the 007 not the 009. Anyway I am looking to buy the CanAmp as it is said to pair very well with AKG and Sennheiser, which scale with better equipment (I have K712s and HD600s powered through an R2R-11), wondering if you have heard it the CanAmp by any chance, or anyone else in the comment section?

StringerNews1 says:

Pass. No rack ears, no black face plate. I can’t use that! :p

When you get right down to it, the best DAC review you can do is “sound comes out the other end, otherwise unremarkable.” That’s what an ideal DAC does. As for country of origin, the former Soviet satellites can be great places to get bargains from. Hungary has recovered faster than most, and enjoys a high standard of living. University education is free there! More of a mid-size first world country nowadays. Nice find!

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