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Doug Manuel has been building bridges between Africa and the occident for more than 20 years. His latest project ‘Do You Speak Djembe?’ brings together a band of world-class African and international musicians in an innovative fusion of music and rhythm from different cultures. The public also perform, each audience member with a Djembe drum – these are the ingredients of a unique musical that has performed more than 100 concerts across Europe since 2014.

A part of the proceeds of the show go to ‘Lighting Up Lives’ Doug’s initiative that brings solar energy to Abéné, a rural village in Senegal, West Africa. This unique interactive musical will debut their first show in the United States at TEDxHollywood.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Saulo Giovannini says:

Cultural appropriation is serious business.. Does Mr. Drum Man have a name?

Michela Thika says:

This is amazing

Lonr Bonr says:

who else was causing a ruckus on computer table

mdfoobar says:

Anyone knows the name of this great singer?

Hulyuh MadaKant says:

I was moving some goat manure in a plastic bucket the other day and the bucket fell down the steps… while it rolled and all the goat channa was rolling out the bucket got empty and started to sound like this………. drum,,, and then my goat sang freeeedom,,,,

Baba HaminEL says:

One thing a CULTURAL BANDIT cannot steal is SPIRIT. No matter the art form, be it music ie. Reggae, Hip Hop, JAZZ, R&B, Rap, or dance i.e. all African, Capoeira, Tribal, Martial Arts, other people can only hilariously IMITATE, but never duplicate, because something is always “missing”. That something is SOUL. Can’t buy or steal that.

Kameron Peterson says:


samuel eduardo minond says:

you convineceme,,,,,great!!!!

Collins Koroso says:

What a singer! What a lady :D!

Joe Howlett says:

“we’re gonna go deeper into the music of Africa” – This is quite misleading Doug, when you consider that ‘Africa’ is actually the second largest continent in the world, with over 54 countries, with an estimated 1500-2000 different languages. You should take this into account before you speak about ‘Africa’ as having a single culture or music tradition. I would have also liked to see you show some gratitude to the rest of your musicians, who were not even named or thanked during the performance. And also just wondering, who did you learn from? Was your teacher from Senegal, or Guinea, or maybe Ghana…? Perhaps they (and their community) deserve a shout out too for the gift of music they have shared with you…

Mauricio Tobon says:

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HaoTDblxe says:

Негры с барабанами,огонь!! Нужно было еще пальмы с бананами расставить по сцене .Но играют прикольно))

woof beast says:

TedX talkers always think they are smarter and wiser than they actually are. Real people in the audience are choking on the smug.

Gretchen Francis says:

I hate this to be honest that some white people just come steal our culture and make money from it. Well blacks are too hospitable and they keep rubbing from us. So annoying. Why not let the actual owner of the culture explain it to the world better. Taking people’s culture on shows and making money from it. Soooooooo annoying. Seriously stop you guys it’s enough before you reap us off what we have left of Our culture. First of all return all of our stolen artifacts to our land so we can trace our lost heritages. This is annoying. You see money and just rob the culture. What Africa? What do know about us and what do you care? With all your lies about greener pastures.

Bonnie Zim says:

When the girl first comes out, what is that song? I love it.

Tammy Sibert says:

Anglos are addicted to stealing the technology of others and monetizing it. This is disgraceful. Are there no European drums to teach Anglos about? No matter what Anglos do, they will never achieve the spirit that is African. The Djembe and spirit therein will always belong to us. It will never speak for you the way it speaks for us.

The Epic Derpo says:

If John Cena was bald….

Trumpet Player says:

Wow…I almost learned more from the comments below, than from the Djembe experience itself!

Dean-Michael Allison says:

this research about significance and being happy and being part of a community/ fellowship, was found in the Bible, founded by Jesus Christ, The Holy spirit and God, the one true God.We were created for community.

Federico Ferrari says:

Is the guy playing balafon and djembe adama bilirou dembele?

pabloarmonica87 says:

que bien robben dándole al djembe

Mauricio Tobon says:

Thanks to UCLA…

Sonja Gartner says:

blows my mind…. I was dreaming of something like that (mine was “Drummers of the World Unite”) a few years ago, and there it is! Absolutely fantastic!

thetasurfers says:

i’d like to know why a white english man is talking about djembe with three blacks around him.
I’ll just go ahead and assume they’re english men too…

mister meener says:

Reminds me of when Johnny Cash gave all the white folks guitars at the grand ole oprey…wait ..did that happen

Atanas Gunchev says:

Much better than the usual mumbo jumbo.

GuyWiDrum says:

What a talented drum facilitator! I’m jealous! 😀

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