Djembe Repair & Rehead – Installing Goat Skin on Djembe Drum, Install soaked Goat Skin on Djembe Drum


Trying to make sense says:

I was sent some Cow skin by Meinl, Do you think Cow skin will work? My drum looks just like yours.

Paul Hutchinson says:

@kickit301 on a goat perhaps…? 😉

Cody Mills says:

Excellent video!  Thank you!

John-Paul Re says:

First: Thank you so much for having these instructions freely available online. I would have never had the guts to try to install my own head without them. and i certainly wasn’t going to pay the outrageous price most places were going to charge to install the head (over 100$!)
I have followed your instructions for installing my very first djembe head. they have been excellent. everything has worked out great – with one exception.

Diep Chihan says:

sir i’m from vietnamese, i don’t know how to make a skin to become white,clean ,pls show me how to do it , thank u very much.

Lass-in Angeles says:

Thank you!!  This was illuminating.  My djembe got damaged in a fire, but just the skin and rope part, not base.  Will redo as per your instructions.

ultrawow65 says:

Hey, I have a quetsion. I am not an expert of replacing a Djembe’s skin so I payed someone who knows to do it. My problem is that whenever I play, I hear buzzings. I’ve searched some forums about it, and they all suggested that I remove the skin and take care of it.
But is there a way to treat it without having to remove the skin?

The ScareCrow Project says:

Where does one find goat skin?

first2belast says:

Thanks a ton! I will be doing this soon to a drum of mine. I would like to message ya with some questions about my specific drum.

Secret Agent 6&7/8 says:

My GF has a JP Aspire Djembe, the goatskin on one side slipped off and needs to be reattached. there is no room to do anything and I wanted to know should I just buy her another drum head?

musicisbrilliant says:

Man, you deserve MORE SUBSCRIBERS. Awesome stuff! Keep it up. Ill be watching!

huttarl says:

Very helpful, detailed tutorial. I changed my first djembe head following this series.
Only thing I would suggest is to put a link to the whole series (playlist) in the description of each episode. I came to this episode from a google search, and it took a while to discover and locate the rest of the series. I’m probably not the only one.

wwdrums says:

Thank you for  the kind words musicisbrilliant.

John-Paul Re says:

My only beef is that you never mentioned to leave a 1-2 inch gap between ring and head – i left it almost flat after hearing that tightening will bring it down a bit. and now i have no space between head and ring! I’m debating buying another skin and starting over.
also – I advice against using your hands to tighten – it gives blisters!
All in all – these video’s are EXCELLENT! I’ll post links to these video’s/website on my FB page if you want.

kevin Luke says:

Can a skin be used on a LP Djembe that uses metal ring and tension rods?

ningpo69 says:

thanks…this video really helped !….

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