Djembe LESSON- DIANSA ; featuring Fara Tolno. is excited to offer this official sneak peek into our new line of djembe & dunun video LESSONS and REFERENCE tools powered by . These highly anticipated drum classes are taught by master drummer & world renown teacher Fara Tolno, lead soloist of Kissidugu & Les Merveilles de Guinea and star of the popular Rhythm Reference™ These LESSONS for beginners and REFERENCES for intermediate and advanced drummers bring Fara Tolno to you for a one on one drumming experience.


Szera Nolan says:

Canadian female … you are definitely the best I have found as you share your love, passion, and enthusiasm for rhythm and culture. Professionally your teaching technique is absolutely the best bar none! Thank you … heart and soul! Kimberley

Estudio Amae says:

Yesssss! Thank you!!! Oh man, such a great teacher and such great energy, you’re wonderful Fara Tolno

Julian Laz says:

thanks this is great feeling stuff!

Brenda Cos says:

You are the best

simone oconnor says:

Sergio__ says:

Love this guys energy. Glad to see you posting new content ! Keep them coming

Prabhuswamy GN says:

great vids

Jhonatan Calderón Leiva says:

you energy is wonderful, from chile thank you

Martin Lorca says:

que agradable sujeto <3

bob brezina says:

I love you energy man. You inspired me. I go find some djembe… 🙂 Thanx

xo j1 says:

Thank you

bryan rosado says:

Where can I buy that djembe with the white rope.

teresa gama says:

I love your personality, the way you are! Thank you <3

MrJanosch79 says:

Thank you so much for this great lesson. You are a magnificent teacher!

Sineyd Granja says:


Jack Gibson says:

Everyone who plays band plays from the mind.
Everyone who plays drum plays from the heart.

Rómulo Córdova says:

Is there any rythm on djembe that is not related to joy or happiness? I’m looking for a “sad” or “nostalgic” rythm. Thank you!

Greta van Steenis Brasse says:

ho dear you are so wonderful i love you dear you are so god xx

Manon Loret says:

Thank you ! for teaching, it’s help me so much to progress , you’re a good teacher !!! please continue it !

Viviana Santiago says:

¡Me encantan tus videos! Muy buena energía y todo es muy claro. ¡Gracias!

fer mudinyourface says:

Thank you!

Thalie Knk says:

hey au top !!!!

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