~_~ So Relaxing ~_~ Soft ASMR African Djembe Sounds

Hello! I’m in the Netherlands and filmed this video on a boathouse. It’s a very calm and relaxing environment to sit back, relax and enjoy all the little things in life including ASMR!

The boathouse belongs to very good friends of mine who have a lot of very interesting objects which they collected over the years and in this video you’ll see one of them. The ASMR triggers that you can expect in this video are, softly stroking & tapping on a djembe, soothing whispering and binaural close up whispering here and there. You can also hear the wind and sounds of the houseboat in the background 🙂 So sit back and chillax ^_^
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⇨⇨⇨ Disclaimer: This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological problems please consult your physician or doctor if needed. Do not listen to ASMR videos while driving or operating machinery or anything else that requires you to stay alert and focused.


angelNegro says:

No te entendi nada.. pero eso labios… esos labios .. enamoran…. Un beso enorme .. mamasita.. ° 3°)


I want to thank water whispers for helping me relax and calm down. 3 months ago I found myself having weird symptoms like excessive urination, tiredness etc. turned out I have type 1 diabetes. I was going through a hard time and water whispers calmed me down when nothing else could. Btw I’m only 14 so you can probably imagine the stress I had. Thank you!

Brendon N says:

So I was moving my djembe drum today and realized, “Wow this would be great for ASMR”. Looked it up on YouTube and here I am. This could be the best all around trigger tool I’ve heard yet. Thank you!

Reawer says:

I din’t really get the video, tho i must say you have the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen 🙂

Kid Toys says:

have facebook? you’re an angel ^ ^

Benjamin Davis22 says:

Nice house tho

Yeahlove1dxx says:

Very Nice! I love it ^_^ btw i live in the netherlands 🙂

lexie formica says:

You do soo good.

Shiro Rye says:

I fell asleep so easily listening to this. Thank you!

mrthatonedude2000 says:

Hey There,
May i ask what camera you used for this? ty!!

milagromb42 says:

I had doubts about trying this video out and it ended up being one of my favorites! What a rush of tingles and relaxation. Thank you !!


Really love this! I love nature and the boathouse!

Frankie Sinclair says:


tybeegirl81 says:

Fabulously thought out. Who would have thought a drum could be so relaxing? Great video!

Montana says:

4 years later and i still return to this video ❤❤

Debra-Diane McDonnell says:

Just happened across this one….WOW, love the sounds!

Vince C says:

I have owned one of these drums for many years, and I love the sound of fingers gliding over the head, not to mention light taps on a drum its a really great sound. talk about sticky fingers on the drum, after rolling on up, been there before.
ASMR could be the very reason I had to have a drum over 10 years ago. 
great video! perfect sounds. mine smells like goats too, it still has a little hair around the rim. and I cant help but make that noise every time I bring it out.
I have caught myself strumming/rubbing the string for hours. its so relaxing and great tingles from it.
please make another Djembe ASMR video!

Matt Hudson says:

I’m a devoted musician so I love this video

LulUSAndo says:

I’m sorry! I usually really like your videos, but the tapping thing didn’t relax me at all! Quite the contrary, I was very sleep and then I suddenly got alarmed when you started doing that ><

Movie psycho says:

Wow! So happy I found your channel this is the best!! Great job thank you so much for the tingles! Really needed it 😛 Subscribed! x

Hassan Siddiqui says:

your whispers made my day.

hrksyzk240 says:

I love this video 🙂
I’m Japanese ♥︎*

Arborverden says:

Ilse you’re so great! Love the vid.

Tammy Lyssy says:

loved this one…..

iheart puffins says:

I would love to stay at a place like that. The water is gorgeous and so tranquil. The sounds are lovely from that djembe. I’ll be looking forward to your next video 🙂

Rejectivez says:

I love the way you experiment as you go along 😀 beautiful eyes too!

Jonathan Figueroa says:

I fell asleep so easily thanks to you. 🙂

sannebos04 says:

ben je eigenlijk officieel nederlands?

Scottish Mapper says:

amazing video! so soothing!

Montana says:

Love your videos, this is my fav!!!!

Manon Cornet says:

I really love this video!
I also really like the green color on the wall. Im also from Holland, can you maybe tell me what the name and brand of the color green is? Thanks you so much!
Also for the amazing video’s you make!

CeeJay Louis says:

Thanks for doing this through your recuperation from surgery, you are such a fine human being. Thank you for being so lovely. This is really one of my favorites. Always loved the sound of the djembe. P.S. I am one of the clock lovers.

Natalia Foster says:

So tired :-0

kate kolton says:

I’m commenting in the morning because I fell asleep these really work!

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