#69 Roughing a Djembe on a Saw Mill

New way for me to rough out drums thanks to the new Harbor Freight Saw Mill and a little creativity. I managed to cut my roughing time by more than half! Sweet.
Oh and I added an Addendum to the end showing the drum on the lathe and how balanced it is. It was a sweet turn too.


Wollemi Pine says:


I love your drum making clips, have you considered mounting a chainsaw to a bar, parallel to the axis of the centre points? You can then make multiple perpendicular thin slices (looking at the silhouette between the slices) to get a shape close to a djembe. You can then break off the thin slices with a hammer?

Check out the clips below. I use reverse rotation on the log, so the chainsaw is working against the direction of rotation. I cut down to the desired depth, let it make a full rotation and after you break the slices off you end up with a balanced log.


Note I also use the chainsaw and a grinder to hollow the logs.

Cheers WP.

Chris Cox says:

Great idea on the centers for the sawmill. I may have to borrow your idea. Thanks

Harley Bradley says:

Very well done More sawmill vids

Adze Woodturning says:

This is a real boost for your shop!  You’ve got the trailer and the mill, the sky is the limit!  Regards, Scott

Yuval Lahav Woodturning says:

Hey man… did you remove this video then reuploaded? I’m sure I’ve seen it, even talking about putting a one of the chicken for a test… or is it all some deja vu??


Аleksey Bek says:

The finished blank, it remains only to give it the desired shape. Like!

John Fisher says:

Very cool, huge time saver and lathe saver making it easier to run true. Great job on thinking way outside the box.

Scott Kuykendall says:

What would workout for your lock to keep the logs from turning is adding some type of anti kickback pawl like is found on a tablesaw, it bites into the wood in one direction but your would be able to turn the log without having to reach or and undo something in the other direction. They also use something like it on the front of chainsaw to get a bite into the log.

Davis Chappell says:

looks great. Have you thought about putting your gantry crane on a separate rail so you can move the logs or blanks into place better. I

Carlos Del Vecchio says:

What wood do you use?

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