#32 Maple Djembe

Here is one for my Friend Yuval, who keeps challenging me with fun projects. In all actuality I have been making Drums for 25 years. It is why I learned to use a wood lathe in the first place. However this technique is very new for me this drum being only the 3rd one I have cut this way. Previously all the hollowing was done by hand with Chainsaws and side grinders, this is much easier, and safer.

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Yuval Lahav Woodturning says:

wait… if this video was up 7 hours ago, how come I just got the mail notifying me of it!! GOOGLE!!!!!!

Yuval Lahav Woodturning says:

Ok, just did a quick run through of this video, since in a few hours I’ll be mounting my first go at a Djembe, and wanted to be sure I’m getting this right. I do have a small question, which is what is the ring you made on the top and the bottom of the Djembe for? only to have a parallel to ground surface for the steady rest? and if so, if the wheels on my steady rest are rounded, and not flat like your, does it mean I can skip making that indent? or would recommend them no matter what?

Richmond Wiggins says:

hi my name is Richmond Wiggins will you teach me how to do this. i talky want to learn i have played djembe life and now i want to make them like you please help

NJDucatiST says:

Good,  I didn’t make a mistake picking one up at Pittsburgh then i just haven’t time to use it yet, just starting out.

Terra Anch says:

Hi, what hollowing tool do you use?

Beren Yeshua says:

Wonderful videos. I’d love to learn to turn a djembe. How many hours does it take to turn the shell? thanks, Beren

Yuval Lahav Woodturning says:

I never thought I’d ever say that to another guy, but you made a happy man out of me 🙂 that was just a pleasure to watch man, beauty and form combined in one. I want to make one of these so much, but I need a couple of things first, like a steady rest, and your video just gave me the final push to make one, since I love your design, and I’ve been working on my welding skills, I will make one so help me Cthulhu!! also I don’t have a ring tool, so I guess I’m going to have to do it the hard way… or… while I’m getting materials for a steady rest, get some more and make my own??!!! could I do it? probably not, I’ll sleep on it… again man, thank thanks and thanks again! be sure that when I’ll start working on mine you’ll hear from me quite often 🙂

H F Bowern Designs - Harold Bowern says:

Cool project Cyrus. Looking forward to seeing one completed.


Peter De Houtdraaier says:

Great video…. i play guitar and love music instruments.
Next week i get my new (bigger) lathe… so this is going to be one of my next projects.

looking out for the next video.


Nate Gadow says:

awesome work!

Marc 's Oneway of turning says:

Nice project;  do you put the head and all?  Marc

Adam Greenstein says:

Thanks for posting these videos, so cool to see! What is the wait time if someone were to order a drum with 3 rings? Do you typically take care of oiling and bearing edges as well? Total cost?

Dustin May says:

Where did you find and how much was the roller rig? You have some seriously fun toys. And of course, how much for a shell?

Mike Waldt says:

Great project Cyrus, looking forward to seeing the finished drum.
Take care

Chillax Fact says:

Do u want to give me that drum when ur done

NJDucatiST says:

Hi Cy I see your using the Proforme tool to hollow out the drum how do like it over standard tools?

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