Zildjian ZHT Cymbals – Sound Test/Review/Demo

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Here is a single room mic sound test of the new and updated Zildjian ZHT cymbal line!
Cymbals Featured in This Video:
16″ & 18″ ZHT Medium-Thin Crashes
16″ & 18″ ZHT EFX Crashes
17″ ZHT Fast Crash
14″ ZHT Mastersound Hats
22″ ZHT Ride
18″ ZHT China

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TomCoppell says:

Too much talkin’

Bryn BORDELON says:

Stop molesting your cymbals, it makes you look like you always think you’re gonna get a crack in them by not even hitting them that hard. Another tip talk for a sec then shut up and play.

Shawn Edge says:

The hats sound surprisingly great. The efx’s crash sounds ok. The crash cymbals are meh. The ride is absolutely horrendous!!

Terrance Benjamin says:

i really luv this sound (zht) symbals

jeff drummer says:


Cuffy Wells says:

the entire concert I played it and they were soundin great


Thank you for making the video on the cymbals. What was the reason you was using your fingers and thumb on the cymbals.

Erwan Koston says:

What are your drum heads? +COOP3RDRUMM3R

Spurs456 says:

This guy lanky as fuck

Achintya Sharma says:

Pretty much nice sound ! Are ZHT best to buy ?

Joshua Singh says:

less talking and more of testing pls…

daveeeed says:

i used to have zht hats and i dented them by playing them very hard. you can’t really dent the higher range models can you. that’s one of the things you get when you spend more

Daniele Malevolti says:

Ho money this set

Drew Kane says:

The way he molests the cymbals when he’s done playing them is hilarious.

yazan najjar says:

How do i clean those cymbals ??

Fabian Pacheco says:

awesome fucking test man!
very good damn shit!

brian brianmh34 says:

Give me that booze you pumpkin pie cutted freak!!!!

Henry Puga says:

4:29 start the test 🙂

Devan Latimer says:

awesome drum and symbol playing

shadow play 77 says:

you got a spare hi hat stand laying about ? mine is broken

Johnny Johns says:

I wanna tell everybody that I bought a zht pack. The Master sound hi hats were great and I liked the China crash. I ended up putting the ride and fast crash on my sons drum kit. I now have the zht Master sound hats, Zht China crash , A custom 18inch crash, 16 A custom crash, 15inch A custom crash, 10inch A custom splash and an A custom 21inch ride. I love the A custom’s but for the price the zht cymbals are worth gigging with till you can afford A or K custom’s. Just do what I did. Buy one at a time, If you have to. If you can afford to buy all the A customs at the same time then your probley not reading this

Cuffy Wells says:

dude tbh I like your cymbals and the sound of it I love ziljian cymbals I remember I played it at a concert 6 years ago I love it

Christian Hansen says:

Hey cooper can I get your cymbals for my birthday

Johnny Johns says:

Are these cymbals pretty much the same as the new ZILDJIAN S family? I have to admit they sound way better then I thought they would. If the zildjian s sounds as bright as these then I’m gonna save a few bucks. I really want zildjian a custom but these sound pretty bright

RPEagles says:

What’s your opinion on the zildjian zbt’s?

Matthew Smith says:

My review: sound okay for practice set, for recording purposes they drown everything out in a mix at higher frequencies because the wash for so long. wouldnt reccommend. save higher quality.

bazerk viking says:

those cymbals sound awful.. buy better cymbals used is my advice, one at a time 😉

mutchatcho sim says:

hey jim varry stop speaking and play that cymbols. you are not our teacher

Patrick Glenn says:

Your cymbals sound pretty good!

Lazyman Music says:

Love the dogs. happens to me all time 🙂

daveeeed says:

hear hear cheap kit good heads save your money for cymbals

SXI96 says:

Did you soundproof your room? just wondering

Jennifer Anne says:

They sound really cool, you got a great sound going all around. Great job on getting those Pearl’s to sound awesome.

Patrick Glenn says:

Is that your dog barking at 12:15?

Maverick Rules says:

even the dogs sounds better than these cynbals, can you hear the overtones?

Artur Drums says:

S Series Review pls

Sean Lewis says:

Fuck me! It’s Lloyd Christmas on the drums

Jackson Shelburne27 says:

Those dogs doe

Events Avenue Manila says:

I didn’t know Jim Carey can play drums 🙂

Bran Key says:

your asome

Demetrius Conley says:

I love how the 18″ Med-Thin Crash and the EFX Crash 16″ sounds.

Nick's Drumming says:

They sound like the new S series…

Versus says:

ZHT I believe are B12 alloy and they sound pretty good if you can get a good deal on them. The ZBT or Sabian B8 stay away from them, those are B8 alloy and overpriced. Wuhan cymbals are B20 alloy and cost the same as B8. They are great on a budget. Meinl HCS are not alloy they are like all brass and not good, Meinl MCS are B8 if you can find some cheap they might be worth it.

Alexander Koronczay says:

his dogs Ha ha ha i feel you man

Pablo Roggero says:

who is this clown petting cymbals ??

Cuffy Wells says:

I love your cymbals dude…….serious serious when I listen to the sounds of them I’m sayin….watttttt!!.but its cool men

Bill Day says:

Was the S series really made to replace the ZHTs? This may just be me and the videos I’m watching, but the two lines do not sound completely alike. What’s your opinion of the S series if you’ve tried them?

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