Zildjian Sound Lab – Cymbal Comparison Video – Full Version

Russ Miller plays through full set-ups of all the Zildjian families. From K Constantinople to ZBT and every line in between. This version has full 45 second clips of each line with a list of the cymbals in the set-up.

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John Benedict Robles says:

after a thorough evaluation, i think i will choose the Meinl cowbell! LOL!

Johnnie Murdock says:

Does Zildjian make good cymbals for heavy metal drummers? Drummer who play hard?

Huxxy says:

0:12 K Constantinople
0:59 K Custom Hybrid
1:44 K Custom Dark
2:27 K Zildjian
3:10 A Custom
3:53 A Zildjian
4:37 ZHT
5:22 ZBT

Thanks to Limedrum below.

Alexandre Piché says:

Kinda funny to see a Meinl cowbell in a Zildjian Video hehe

jeremy wolfe says:

Played some Pink Floyd with Russ at my school. Hell of a player.

BluOp says:

K Hybrid…nice

Matt Sudeta says:

Amazing sound

Naveh Raz says:

No Planet Z because those are crap, not cymbals

Lukas Willaert says:

Honestly the K custom hybrid And A customs are the best in my opinion all tho I’m a meinl guys zildjian makes good cymbals.

Ethan Cundiff says:

The K crashes don’t blend well together at all…

Munkh Tenger says:

K dark

bindoy doybin says:

Dang it i want that Meinl cowbell

Riley Peak says:

That ZBT ride sounds great for what it is

First Blood says:

To compare chinas: 1:10 – 1:55 – 2:38 – 3:20 – 4:04 – 4:48

Carson M says:

If only i had money for these….

Incitatus says:

A Custom crashes are beautiful!

Ethan Oroshiba says:

When you see a Meinl logo on the cowbell in the back

Wendsday MyDudes says:

Why the heck i like zbt ride

F Stanz says:

I guess Zildjian endorses AA Meinl cowbells 😉

HollowToast says:

no planet z or zbt?

Matthew Parsons says:

I loved the Constantinople Rides, the K Dark Crashes, A Hats, K Custom China’s, and ZHT effects out of everything in the video.

Rico Horton says:

the Constantinoples sound sweet.

Daniel W Inlandfarm says:


artfulgoat says:

I still love the sound of the classic A’s

Jordy Gijzen says:

I think for a good china review you just neet to hit them a lot harder, never heard a guy drum that needs a china who doesn’t beat the crap out of it.
good review tho!

Muzik boy says:

zildjian A custom is the best

Christian Ronollo says:

I came here looking for 13″ Zildjian K/Z Hi-hats so someone please tell me what is such the big difference between the Zildjian K/Z’s, K/Z “special”, then there is the K/Z “dyno beats” ?? whatever tf that is, and then last we find the K/Z “quick beats” and normal 13″ Zildjian K/Z Hi-hats.

Sean Lewis says:

The A china was certainly the best of the chinas in my opinion. Love the K darks, also love the A customs. Such a shame I can’t afford any of them.

generatrix999 says:

:13 K Constantinople

1:00 K Custom Hybrid

1:45 K Custom Dark

2:28 K Zildjian

3:11 A Custom

3:45 A Zildjian

4:37 ZHT

5:21 ZBT

danieljliversLXXXIX says:

I miss the Z custom series…

Cruz Drum Channel says:

Good ! visit my music channel 🙂


I notice this player is not hitting the cymbals in the suggested manner (on the bow) in the crack free video.

Charles wood says:

The Zbt hats sound actually pretty nice 😀

Burnzo says:

Zildjian A crashes are the greatest thing on earth… But 18″ and 20″

Dominick Guerra says:

Thought this was a K soundlab video!! Proud owner of the 19in K Sound Lab Fast crash brilliant finish

78musicdrums says:

my favorite was the A Customs

ausfuhrpramienjagar says:

My Grandsons name is Zildjian.. Named after said cymbals!  And yes, he is a drummer..

fess04 says:

K Custom Dark crashes are jusssssssst right….for me 🙂

Aldo Alvarez says:

I’m a mostly metal drummer and I use a 19′ k custom hybrid crash and 22′ k custom ride.

shawn hapney says:

No limitations with Zildjian. They have every sound under the sun with just the right amount of ring and record magically.

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