Zildjian S Family Cymbals – Performer Cymbal Set

An exhaustive two-year research and design project by the Zildjian Sound Lab results in a modern cymbal voice from the legendary Zildjian Company. S Zildjian is an expressive family of cymbals with a balanced frequency response, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. It features a B12 alloy coupled with cutting edge modern manufacturing techniques that produce a cymbal capable of a wide range of musical expression.

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Brian Cole says:

These seem like a mid point from zbt to a

Lord Chin Chin says:

I didn’t trust zildjian at first , because they gave me the impression that they’ve changed an art into a business. Being the market leader , I expected a 5/10 price/quality just for the name of the brand ( similarly to Apple ).
Damn, I was sooo wrong.
Apart from the crashes ( that I think zildjian made just a bit worse on purpose , to make you go for ‘no compromises’ A’s and K’s ) , that are just fine , the hats and the ride sound amazing. While the bell isn’t super cutting while playing with a band , it does it’s job and sounds very good. Bright and sweet. It’s lovely.
The same goes for the hats. Crisp , loud – versatile at the same time. If you’re looking for some mid range cymbals, and don’t want to risk much with smaller companies , buy these. They sound great.

vistalite 1972 says:

These were selling out at my local GC finally more are in stock. The hats and the 16″ crash were cool. I also wish he played the ride instead of the bell. The 18″ a little tinny

Sack Blabbath says:

Sound pretty nice but i much prefer the K’s 🙂

Michael Rodels says:

Do you think that this nerd could play the ride like a ride instead of the bell the whole time so you could hear what it really sounds like? Is it me?

habit1979 says:

I make again this question. are these cast or sheet bronze cymbals?


hats sound great. the crashes and the ride…eh…not my style of sound. kinda sounds like the ZBT line but they do open up in sound! 🙂 #ilovezildjian


didn’t hear the ride. just the bell.

Lorenzo Maximo says:

Yea how about a ride demo ? The bell is only played 10% of the time. Scheeh !!!

Michael O'Neal says:

I only heard him play the bell on the ride. Why?

Jon is fat. :/ says:

Many people may not like the sound of the crashes but for me they actually sound very good idk about the ride cause he only played the bell but I’m definitely gonna buy the pack great sounding cymbals for your buck

George Hristov Drums says:

People please HELP! I am between Zildjian S and Istanbul Samatia? Please opinion!

michael mattice says:

Anybody else catch the cameraman’s shoe in the frame at 2:12 ? I mean, who’s editing this? #Amateurs I KIDD! I KIDD! Love Zildjian! Keep up the great work guys(and gals:) #PCPolice

Murf Musician says:

The best Zildjian cymbal line, in my opinion

Majk Portnoj says:

Hi-hat is OK, but there crashes aren’t good ….

Brent McGuire says:

Not bad! You guys wanna hook a brother up? 🙂

TheMarsilver says:

Honestly this really is a huge step up from the ZBT’s. If I heard these without seeing logos, if think they were great! Apart from the “16, oh can’t even tell they’re b12 all that much. Clean ass set of cymbals

sky drummer says:

I actually own this cymbal pack and they sound awesome, also own some A’s and love those as well

David Gamero says:

all cymbals sound the exact same through mics, that’s why i never watch these high quality videos

JWaveProductions says:

Are those lines actually on the floor tom or just a reflection??

Fairly Løcal Dreamer says:

Could do without the 18 inch crash, but amazing set otherwise

DB Drum Covers says:

Love this cymbal set. Working all summer to able to afford them!! Can’t wait. ZIldijian you guys outdid yourselves here.

Justin Harvey says:

is this the revamped scimitar line from the 90s. I mean S family. the manufacturing technique is far better than old Scimitars.

kelem Dz says:

are these b8 or b12, are they the new zbts

Ronnie Caudill says:

Too bright for my taste :/

Sean Lewis says:

where can I get a full list of sizes available? Or better still, can you tell me if there’s a 19” medium crash, 22” medium ride and 15” mastersound hats available please? And lastly what sizes are available for a china? Thanks

Nick McClure says:

So much time riding on those crashes when there’s a ride right there!

Bama MoonDog says:

Those Hi-Hats are Bad Ass. The other Cymbals, nothing to brag about…..

Munchell360 says:

Are these durable? I hit pretty hard, and I’ve cracked my ZHT cymbals and I’ve cracked an A custom before

Fred Rogers says:

The hats sound good. Crashes and ride sound metallic.

dillon b. says:

that snare tho is being choked also what skins on the high tom??? I NEED IT

Lorenzo Christian says:

S and the zht are the same btw

Derek Madarasz says:

16″ crash sounds like garbage, the 18″ sounds a little better. The hats sound pretty nice and the bell of the ride cuts!

Demetrius Conley says:

No lie! I love the sound of the hi-hats, the 18″ Med-Thin Crash, and the 20″ Medium Ride. The only cymbal I really don’t like about this model brand series is the 16″ Med-Thin Crash cause I don’t think it’ll sound right for my drum kit, a lot of ppl would say that cymbal sounds like trash and I wouldn’t recommend.

Sebastiano Bellocchio says:

Is the rock set of Cymbals enough resistant for heavy metal/hard rock music? Thanks

Buck August says:

Great demo! I really dig the recent demo videos you’ll have been making with the cymbals played at a drum set. These are very bright and piercing. Could definitely fit in some louder settings where they would cut through. They look great!

Sam says:

May you upload a video with the Rock Cymbal set?

Makzil78 says:

hats are decent. Crashes and rides are bleh. Maybe larger sizes of these might sound fuller and better. 15 hats, 22-24 rides, 19-22 crashes

Dave Scott says:

Awesome I enjoy playing them in my studio.

Goran Lizdek says:

Hi, thanks for the video. Could you please tell us a little bit about the recording? What microphones were used, what kind of placement, etc… and what about the room.


Chris Feil says:

$$$ ????

Jacob Parsons says:

I have the 17 crash and it just sounds so strong but also ends with a good decay. the 18 crash im wanting its loud and smooth. but if u want good strong crash get pastie (not sure how to spell it) rudes they are bad ass. and k custom bell ride!

Dylan Schuster says:

The cymbals sound great

Nick's Drumming says:

Going by the sound samples on your website, the 17″ Thin Crash has a significantly higher pitch that the 16″ Thin Crash. How come the 17″ sounds higher than the 16″?

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