Zildjian Gen16 Cymbal Review: Revisited

Review part 2: Electric Boogaloo. Message me any questions.
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Song at the beginning is “Sure Thing, Falling” By Yellowcard.


Kevin Rivera says:

Well, my Meinl Classics 14″ China just made the thing by playing, I just did the same thing you did with your HH and it just came to its original position. And luckily I, I haven’t got a crack 😀

Russ Prentice says:

This crack looks like a design flaw. If you notice the holes are drilled in lines and that will naturally cause the cymbal to have a tensile weakness align those hole lines. Unfortunately the hi-hat tends to have a lot of repetitive hits that would weaken it. Perhaps that could stagger the holes. This is not rocket science and was known to bricklayers (in Europe) who would stagger the bricks to ensure the wall being built did not collapse.

Love the term sombrero effect btw.

juliadeetruchsess says:

Most drum modules have a “mix” input, and the Gen-16 DCP has one, too. You can plug the drum module’s audio output into the DCP and mix there, or you can plug the DCP’s output into the module and mix there; it doesn’t matter much.

Jesper Eklund says:

Go from drum modul output to Gen16 DCP Aux input and then record from the DCP master out or Headphone out. Hope that helps.

Илья Герасимов says:

I got A CRACK after 2 month of using the same way on top of hi hat cymbal!!


grooveboss says:

Try switching the bottom hat with the too hats. And cut that jagged piece out if you can switch them from top to bottom. Tighten the clutch felt and it wont spin. And when you are playing hard switch to cheap acoustic cymbals when playing during the day, these gen16s are jazz cymbals. Thanks for the review tho i will not be getting these.

Al Chile says:

It seems that those HH cymbals are a big failure from Zildjian

MayerEO says:

Thank you so much for your feedback! I’m glad I was able to help!
I hope we’ll be getting a durable alternative soon, too! 😀

Furai47 says:

Not sure if it ever happened? /watch?v=W_1M5HHJAXQ chik chik chik, chik-chik-chik, chok, SOMBRERO!

grooveboss says:

If you setup the high hat clutch properly you only need to lift your foot up a little bit. The high hate is the hardest part of a drum set to master. I suggest you study it extensively.

juliadeetruchsess says:

Just send an email to zcustomercare@zildjian.com and they will send you a replacement cymbal for free. No big thing.

Charlie Juson says:

The only cymbal I’ve ever seen come close to $900 is sabian artisan

David Kim says:

in my old orchestra band, our crash cymbals would do this

Baybi Go says:

did it “sombrero” because of the crack or it can still do it even without the crack?

tv2vgt says:

Good stuff.

Joel Cunningham says:

looking at a set this week so thanks for the caution. I reckon some type of rubber bump stop to keep you from stomping the pedal to the floor might help avoid the sombrero effect.

Илья Герасимов says:

I had a same problem. my hi hat cymbal cracked after 2 month of using!! I played very soft.. i call Zildjian, they replaced my cymbal!!

Liam Doyle says:

it spinning because one side is slightly heavier and when you hit it the heavier side starts going down to where your hitting, not sure if this is understandable or not you should just do what grooveboss said

Drumavid Checkupz says:

You need to post to the Gen 16 thread in vdrummer.com forums. The person that invented it participates in it. Her name is Julie

Gio_1 says:

how do you mount the DCP onto your drum set????

grooveboss says:

One last thing: you can drill a crack out so it wont grow. With a drill

V King says:

Should have taken the mic out … supported the outer rim then pushed the centre hub hard & fast.

Bill Wolf says:

A brass cymbal goes for 1000? Not quite. A whole set of great cymbals could be bought for that. (they’re made of bronze, not brass btw).

Yes, you can invert any HH. Especially light ones. But that should be an indication that you’re stomping too hard on the pedal.

Xam271 says:

Hard hitting drummers out there: Stay away from this crappy product.

Mark R says:

thank you for this video – I’m gonna wait a bit until build quality improves

VeniVidiVicious says:

Thank you for both the reviews MayerEO!

I found what you had to say much more insightful/helpful than Russ Millers videos. If I was to pick these up I reckon i’d have to improve my technique and use lighter sticks to avoid the sombrero effect which might (possibly) benefit my playing in the long run.
If it’s any consolation when I was starting out I did the same thing to a brass hi-hat as well.

Anyway, this was extremely helpful. Thank you. 🙂

Rafael Morante says:

This is helpful despite the lenghty video for as much info… I’m actually looking into putting together a hybrid/practice set an was wondering if these cymbals might do the trick; so far I’m still convinced they’re a good option… These cymbals are obviously delicate and suited for soft playing, and IMO you aren’t precisely a soft hitter =S… When you noticed it was cracking didn’t you try and hook up with some luthier or something to look into soldering it?

Liam Doyle says:

and you could cut the jagged piece off or just put cable ties (zip ties) through a hole on each side of the crack tighten and repeat 10 times and it might stay properly

SecondChapterDrummer says:

And that same exact thing happened with my paiste hi hat! Damn

flippytheleper says:

high quality cymbals are made of bronze, not brass, and the cymbals you’ll find costing 900 dollars each are vintage Ks. 

jonva Nikhil says:

I have a rather basic doubt – if you want to do some recording on your DAW, using triggers, how can you integrate the gen16 into the setup? If you’re using a DM10 or one of the roland modules, how can you get a digital signal out of it? do the cymbals always have to go in as an analog signal into the audio interface directly? Do you take the aux out from the drum module and feed it into the gen16 DCP or the other way around..? Well.. doubts 😛 but I would appreciate any help!

Jmor Bangal says:

bro how do the drums function slots actually work?

CR says:

that sucks this stuff is happening. I’ve never seen anything like this. IMHO Zildjian should have made the cymbals a little thicker and then done something to the exterior to make it quieter. But yeah that’s 900 bucks down the shitter. Then again, these are the first generation of this technology. Maybe in 5 or 10 years they’ll have it down better. That’s the problem: the waiting. If they don’t honor your warranty, see if you can find a welder to Frankenstein it back together for you.

Tylor Wagner says:

The best Guitar Center or Zildjian could do for your hi-hat is refund you, and then you’d have to buy the pair all over again. Typically with a crack that extreme it falls under neglect and isn’t usually covered. If you had contacted them as soon as you noticed the slight crack they could probably replace it, but because it’s such a large crack they might not do much. I would recommend purchasing the pro-coverage when you can because they will cover just about anything you do to the cymbal.

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