Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack

Guitar Center’s Product Spotlight provides a comprehensive overview of the Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack.

The Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack includes a 20″ Medium Ride, 16″ Crash, and 14″ Hi-hats. A Custom cymbals are made using radical rotary hammering techniques, thin weights, and a striking, brilliant finish for crisp, sweet and sophisticated sound. As an added value, this pack also includes a free 18″ A Custom Crash.

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Tom Downs says:

The hi-hats sound soo good :'(

Guitar Center says:

Last chance to save $40 on select Zildjian Company​ A Custom Cymbals! See your local drum sales associate by Wednesday 8/5 for details: stores.guitarcenter.com

Denny Wesley says:

hit hat maravilhoso!

Askerun says:

Great video

Lane Jones says:

jungle man?

Jake Mastrofski says:

What kit are you playing?

valentine ferre says:

j aimerais les acheter

Ralphie Barba says:

any difference between this set and the a391 set?

jota drums says:

what about splashes??? 🙁

TechBrick says:

birthday+Christmas money= this pack

EastBay MauiBoy says:

Funny…Ive been playin drums for HELLA years. Started in the 80’s with mostly Zildjian A’s but Ive had plenty experience with most of the other bigs. I thought I got tired of the basic same ole heavily lathed, matte finished A’s because they were mostly all I played and looked at for so long. Sometimes change over rides common sense…for a minute anyway. Some say they have changed in quality, but Im callin BS on that, and that comes from beatin the tar out these mo-foes since before the pyramids. Yes Zildjian have made relatively modest changes to thickness and pitch to their cymbals, but in my 35 years experience, they have never lost quality in sound or durability. All cymbals break if you pound em hard enough and for my money, there are no “better” cymbals on the planet. Again, its all subjective and there are plenty cymbals and cymbal companies that are as good.
Now whether you like em or dont, they are VERY good plates, and “good” or “bad” is absolutely subjective. Dont waste your time telling me my A and A Custom cymbal setup sounds anything less than beautiful, because you would be wrong.

MrBrunoline says:

Great Demo!!

Kristian West says:

This guy is probably the worst presenter I have ever seen

Dexter Mondala says:

Why people compare zildjian and sabian?? They are the same company!!

Mr. Sanden says:

I never understood how anyone could like A custom Zildjians. To me they have always been too thick and sounded too “steel-like” to me, if that makes any sense. I’m not just saying this to be a douche, i would really like to hear someone who uses A customs, tell why they like and use them 🙂 

Cyclestorm 300 says:

these are quiet compare to sabian aax plosions

john mclaughlin says:

I bought them at first I hated the ride but I absolutely love it now

Claudio Gutierrez says:

Cymbals (like music) are a matter of personal taste, also most of us prefer a variety of different sounds from different sets on ours. Labelling a set as garbage only reveal your ignorance… let alone calling names to someone with certain set preferences.

George Hristov Drums says:

Just had a gig on stadium, really shit, no cymbals at all, soooo weak never see such of shit 3 micros not enough, to catch them. Meinl Meteor is better ,really. PLEASE Don’t buy this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b8 100 times better.

T Doher says:

beautiful cymbals with an amazing feel and sound.

Karl Chambers says:

I have this kit

CS1K Anon says:

Would these be good for baroque?

gman57op says:

TBH i know its all a matter of what sound u want but A Custom cymbals are just the BEST cymbals around

Spencer York says:

In my opinion, Zildjian makes boring cymbals. They just never sound right to me. Real hand-made cymbals from smaller companies go for much less. Consistency is the only downside but when you find that perfect hand-hammered cymbal, it’s so much more satisfying than something that sounds like everyone else for the past 20-30 years. Zildjian, PLEASE give us something new.

F Stanz says:

Which Pearl hardware series are used in this video? BC830 or 930?

Harry Brenton Music says:

I have this pack and love them no one else seems to like them in the comments lol

Edward Brown says:

I have been saving my money for this box set. I cannot wait to get it!

Ojosell says:

My favorite part of this pack is the ride.

Jake Greene says:

I need an opinion. Should I get meinl hcs 10 pack for $430, or these?

bryan harris says:

These are not bad but if you want better sound, more durability, and a cheaper price go with Sabian AA’s. I bought a set for $700 and I absolutely love them. I’d take them over any line of Zildjian cymbals. 

cpu554 says:

Overpriced and lacking in tone.
I’ve tried out many ,many of these cymbals over the years and never found one that was even remotely interesting.
A and K Zildjians are just so much more refined in terms of high qualty sound.
A Customs are the Edsel of cymbals as far as I am concerned.

Timmy G says:

I love the snare sound!

Dynamite Kid says:

earned a sub. + like! what’s the exact model of your drum kit? Thanks.

Erik Nylen says:

Thank you for the video; I really love the fact there is a video for the sound and quality shown by Guitar Center to help me find what sounds best for me,
I was having a hard time deciding what cymbals to pick but I have definitely found what im looking for. thank you Again

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