Wuhan Cymbals Demo by Sweetwater

Hey drummers, today I’ll be playing for you a variety of Wuhan cymbals. Wuhan’s china cymbals in particular offer a ton of value, producing huge, washy china sounds at a great price. Across the entire range of cymbal types, Wuhan delivers great sounds at affordable prices. After the video, click the link below for all the details on Wuhan cymbals at Sweetwater!

Shop Wuhan cymbals at Sweetwater here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/manufacturer/Wuhan


TheCosmicCharizard says:

I love Wuhan Chinas. You can’t beat a Chinese China hahaha. Although they break really easily.

preston roper says:

Did anyone catch which 16 inch crash he was using was it the medium or medium thin

Michael says:

If only they had a little more body, well mine at least seems too high of a pitch even though I have the 18″ definitely cuts through though.

Bill Bacon says:

Great demo thank you.. I think I am convinced 🙂

Enrique Cruz timitydRUM says:

And also check the splashes….I’ve 18 China and 8,10 splashes…great Cymbals and really affordable:)

deegan murray says:

i like the crash and the splashes, not sure about the ride and hats.

Kurt Hume says:

tbh, you can have too much china. love the crash, ride and hats though.

BBT609 says:

Love the Wuhan Chinas. Play an 18″ china at church now have a Wuhan 8″ splash. I love them both!

CPT. Warren says:

Hey Nick I love the beat you did with the ride. By the way I’m in Indonesia how can I shop from Sweetwater

PTHRofficial says:

These Chinas sound horrible

Gregory Foresi says:

Wuhan definitely makes quality cymbals HOWEVER they have major inconsistency in their manufacturing (compared to maybe a Sabian AA (Automated Anvil)).

Try to play one in person if possible.

Jon Helman says:

the sizes are off cuz there is no one the “18 inch china” is actually a 20 inch look when he’s playing it’s just as big as the ride

Mike Baas says:

Hey Nick! Howd you get Pars Ulrichs kit?

Saltfisher 14 says:

Actually very impressed with these.

Adam Block says:

I knew that was Nick!!

John says:

Nice demo. Thanks!

KnightsOfTheMcNugget says:

4:14 “what I really like about having the 18 over here is that you can do beats like this”
*proceeds to note spam a indistinct beat*

Jobe Lewis says:

Made in China.

rottendrums says:

i like wuhan!

TheCosmicCharizard says:

The only thing trashier than a Wuhan China is an Agop China unless you wanna start hitting white trash in a trailer park.

Alexander131191 says:

Hi! From which series are the hi-hats and the ride? Thanks 🙂

mike patterson says:

Think Zildjian…Much Better!;-)Peace

1967botz says:

My wife purchased me a 20″ Wuhan China with rivets on sale for $99! This thing is the epitome of that Peart/Bruford trashy sound. BEST Christmas gift ever!!!!

DeadKoby says:

When I think of China cymbals… I never consider anything but a Wuhan. I normally play Istanbul Mehmet… since Turkish cymbals should REALLY be turkish… and Chinese cymbals should be Chinese.

Eric Cartman says:

Where can i buy these in europe?

Noah Horan says:

I watch these videos as much for Nick’s drumming as for the product review itself.

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