Wuhan 6 8 10 12 inch splash cymbal sound test review



glen polen says:

this is glen. your  video sounds great my friend. thanks. i am a Wuhan player, and collector. i love the sounds of the Wuhan cymbals. i have a bunch of them. i do not own a music store. i am just a drummer who appreciates awesome gear.        i have just about every discontinued ‘ traditional’ Wuhan cymbal. i do not play them, they are just for my collection at this time.  i love the splashes.       i have   5 or more of each of the  old discontinued ‘ traditional ‘ splashes, [ 8,10 ,12]. i do play some of them, and i  have some that i collect, and will not play.      i have all of the new traditional Wuhan cymbals. i use all of them ,including the chinas amongst 2 drum kits. i have a second set of all of these new traditional series  in my collection cymbal bags that i will not play. they are just for my Wuhan collection.       i have dbles of each china cymbal that Wuhan makes.  one set between the kits, and another [all new] for my collection.     i like the way your 6 inch splash sounds. i have 3 of them, and they sound bad. they are not loud at all. they are way to quiet for me. i hit them  hard, and they do not project any sound. i was just thinking other day to buy another one for 26.00 and see what it will sound like. lol.    do you have the 11 inch new traditional splash? if not, you gotta get one. they sound awesome. i love mine .     i didn’t get into collecting or playing the new ‘s’ series line when it came out for that short time before getting discontinued. i don’t like them. i have a 12 inch splash, and it doesn’t sound good.     i have almost every  discontinued Wuhan  ‘s’ series cymbal  i  have  a few 10 inch  and 12 inch ‘s’ series splashes, but i do not have an 8 inch ‘s’ series splash. do you have any  for sale? have you ever seen these cymbals before? they are awesome. let me know what is going on. i hope that you are doing well. you can contact me if you would like to at g_polen@comcast.net.i hope to hear from you soon. be well, glen

khamli Sangtam says:

Am in love wit the 8″

OfficialRobbieMason says:

8 inch sounds best!

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