Top 6 | Best Budget Cymbal Sets Under 300 Euros | Thomann

Tommi and Frank demonstrate what our customers consider the most relevant cymbals under 300 Euros. Which are your favourites?
Product used:

Interesting bits and pieces:

0:00 Introduction

0:07 Zultan Rock Beat Cymbal Set
0:22 14″ Hi-Hat | Playing
0:53 16″ Crash | Playing
1:29 20″ Ride | Playing
2.07 Tommi Playthrough | Playing
3:58 Frank Playthrough | Playing

4:36 Zildjian ZBT Cymbal Set
4:53 14″ Hi-Hat | Playing
5:11 16″ Crash | Playing
5:38 20″ Ride | Playing
6:08 Frank Playthrough | Playing
8:10 Tommi Playthrough | Playing

9:13 Sabian B8X Cymbal Set
9:34 14″ Hi-Hat | Playing
10:10 16″ Crash | Playing
10:44 20″ Ride | Playing
11:57 Tommi Playthrough | Playing
14:28 Frank Playthrough | Playing

15:36 Meinl HCS Cymbal Set
16:12 14″ Hi-Hat | Playing
16:35 16″ Crash | Playing
16:53 12″ China | Playing
17:06 20″ Ride | Playing
17:33 18″ Crash | Playing
17:54 16″ Trash-Crash | Playing
18:38 Frank Playthrough | Playing
20:55 Tommi Playthrough | Playing

21:46 Millenium B20 Cymbal Set
22:09 14″ Hi-Hat | Playing
22:46 16″ Crash | Playing
23:19 20″ Ride | Playing
24:05 Tommi Playthrough | Playing
26:17 Frank Playthrough | Playing

27:30 Paiste 201 Cymbal Set
27:52 14″ Hi-Hat | Playing
28:21 16″ Crash | Playing
28:53 20″ Ride | Playing
29:30 Frank Playthrough | Playing
31:08 Tommi Playthrough | Playing

32:22 Conclusion & Goodbye!

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Kombiice says:


John Michael McAwesome says:


Stephen jones says:

very good video, love the format

Jordan Young says:

The Zultans are amazing

Chetiz Sharma says:

21:46 millennium b20

aponcapone says:

I abused the HCS in many big concerts. The biggest was at Appelpop 2015. On my channel there’s a drumcam video in which I play the HCS live and hard. They were holding up great.

Janina Pinguin says:

T Drums for president

Ryzantium says:

Comparing Cast cymbals to pressed sheet ones in my opinion is the same as comparing a bicycle to a super bike.

Fearon says:

I really like all the demos Thomann has done about drum parts. I hope more will come.

Bubbadoobop says:

The Zultan and Milleniums blew the other cymbals right out of the water. The Milleniums were _really good_ for their price too.

DrummerGrrrl says:

Those Zildjian ZBT’s sound like crap! I liked the Sabian B8X Ride and Hi-Hats. The Crash was my least favorite.

twentyonechemicalsatthediscofallout says:

Can you tell me the american prices for each cymbal

nazzare79 says:

The Millenium ride is more a crash/ride than a real ride. Anyway the best cheap crash: Dimavery DBEC (regular).

Paradiddle says:

That black t shirt guy sounds shit.. he doesn’t know how to do a cymbal review! He need lot of practise to get the groove .. white t shirt guy is far better! Iam skipping all black T-shirt Guy portions!

Cameron Åhslund-Glass says:

Zultan set hands down.

DrummerGrrrl says:

The Meinls are a severe disappointment. No sustain at all!

Leyen Sento says:

You should write a script in advance. Great demo, thanks!

Joao G. Pinheiro says:

zultan are the best!!!!!!!

Pierre Petry says:

Great sound at the price!

eloann says:

The Zultan are definitely a class above the others. I would like to hear comparisons of the various Zultan series.

MarioGamings says:

The ZBT Crash sounds a bit like a splash…

craig list says:

wuhan rock. like under $100 us bro

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