The Search For The Perfect Ride Cymbal – 10 cymbals compared by The Jazz Drums!

Hello Cymbal fans and jazz heads! Thanks for checking out my channel. This is a non-scientific comparison of 10 ride cymbals. The goal was not finding out which one is best. None of them are the best. However, they all are great. But you may find, as I did, that you like some more or less than the others. The goal was not to compare brands. All brands make great cymbals these days. It seems pretty easy to open a cymbal business in Turkey. I think the secret is out….way out!

The goal was to hear several different ride cymbals and be able to listen to them in the same context. I like all of these cymbals individually and pick out certain cymbals for specific songs or moods. I was curious though how I would feel about them if they were all lined up together played over a fairly common standard with a steady jazz groove. Would I like any of them more or less?

The answer was that I pretty much liked each one as soon as I heard it and dug the mood/groove it created. I was intrigued how two cymbals that are very different can both sound so good in the same context. It was also interesting to hear two cymbals of the same model have different textures and create a different feeling in the music. Most of them ( 8 of 10 ) get me excited. The other two sound good and I like them. But maybe in this context they are a little lacking or just not as strong as others and that’s okay. They are what they are. I can’t ask them to be anything else, and that’s why my collection has grown to include a wide variety. It’s also my ear. Everyone will hear the same things, but will interpret it based on their knowledge of cymbals, music, and jazz and will come to their own conclusion of what they like. Some may even be blinded by the labels of the companies, models, size, or gram weights. All of that is okay because it’s how we learn and process information. However, don’t be afraid to have an open mind and maybe watch with your eyes closed to see if you feel differently about your favorites.

I hope everyone that watches this either learns something about cymbals they had not heard before or at least enjoys the presentation. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and let me know what you hear!

The music is performed by:
Stan Getz: Sax
Oscar Peterson: Piano
Ray Brown: Bass
Herb Ellis: Guitar

It’s from an album called Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson Trio – I recommend everyone buy this album.

All other credits are listed in the video.

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Don says:

They all sound great, just different. This is true for all modern competently produced cymbals. The only way you can go wrong is buying the wrong kind of cymbal for the style of music you play. Even then you can usually make due.

Andrew Vavasis says:

speacial fx 22 mel lewis lastly or third bosphurus 24

Jeffrey Alexander says:

Thinner darker cymbals sound better for jazz. To my ears, a more shimmery timbre sounds better than a clangy timbre, not as dry, but a better wash. Gives the band a better overall sound.

Louis De Fromont says:

I used this to study… lol

Adar Polachek says:

Which sticks do you use?

Eli the Pit Bull says:

Ok back to your video. This was very well done and I actually broke into a sweat watching this. Great playing and great cymbals. I think we have very similar taste in cymbals. Very hard to pick out a favorite. It sure is hard being a cymbalholic. I look forward to your videos. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Joe Gucciardi says:

i can’t find that 20″ Agop 30th Anniversary 1907 grams (the first cymbal on this clip) anywhere on the internet for sale. has anyone been able to locate it?

Jazzworks says:

Great sounding cymbals! Good job with the video too!

mario urbina says:

so which one is the best in your opinion?

Kristian Loshi says:

damn since i watched the 3-4 rides i thought immediatly you got a dope feel. nice swing and so groovy (ghost & accents on snare and the use of the kick) very well!

PapaG Cortellino says:

The Best Agop Comparison.

Eulypion says:

Hard decision = I liked all of them. I would like to heroine of the newest ones too.

Philip J. Williamson says:

good comping

H Mohr says:

That chattering crowd at the beginning made me really confused – using high quality headphones

Matt Perko says:

I wish Agop made the TW ride lighter. I’m tempted by 24s of that cymbal that sit at that same 2600-ish gram weight of the 22. Need to play it in person before I spend that kind of cash though.

Bob Duckens says:

Where do you find cymbals this gorgeous?

Tony Dir says:

You make those cymbals sound really wonderful in your playing

Storm_ARG says:

They’re are very expensive D;

GorcStew says:

the Mel Lewis 😮

past the breakers says:

you can’t beat my sabian B8 ride 🙂

Isis Cruz says:

they Valley sound the same. with just a slight small difference in the tone. some deeper than others. all they same crap.. JS check out Tcymbals. they got great jazz rides. and they actually sound different from each other. and sound better. imo and many others also think so. fastest growing cymbal company right now.

2112 Drums says:

I like the Agop TW ride, my dream cymbal!

Nick Colantonio says:

I find myself constantly checking this video out whenever I need a new ride. Since my first time watching, I’ve got myself a 21” Mel Lewis with rivets, an 18” Mel Lewis crash ride, a 20” 30th Anniversary and an 18” 30th. What a company, and what amazing sounds. They work for my pop sessions, my folk sessions, my jazz sessions and everything in between.

ariel estrada says:

agop is the best of all. It has the identity of jazz in each played

tmaddrummer says:

This is so dang good! I’ve got a 22″ Agop Mel Lewis ride that I love, but I keep wondering I’d love it more with some sizzle, but I’m afraid to start drilling on such an expensive cymbal…… I’ve tried to emulate what the sizzles might sound like, but it’s just not the same, and I don’t have several quality rides to explore. All I can say is”Man, what a great video! Thanks and Blessings!!!

Cos says:

None of the above.

Comment Sense says:

How did you get this many expensive cymbals?

Cowri says:

From those ten rides it’s impossible to pick just one! You make all of them sound great!

Daniel Greener says:

That 24″ Bosphorus is the best. Especially for jazz and when he’s not using a right rack tom.

Jesse Broman says:

Very interesting comparison. Personally, the Kerope prototype blew me away in terms of the overall balance of tone and definition. I think the bosphorus one at the end had a very unique sound that really made it “the star”. The others sounded great as well.

Ross Gillis says:

A great video if you’re into Agop. There are many others to consider.

Tony Dir says:

The cymbals are great but the way you can swing is better

Mavericks says:

man that snare sounds killer, what snare are you using? And what heads do you use?

Worldwide Ghosts says:

The 22″ Agop 30th Anniversary was very nice.

Noah Warnes says:

What snare is that does anyone know?

Ngakak Guling says:

22 agop special edition TW ride is my fav..

Lorenzo Maximo says:

20 inch Mel Lewis 1982 ride did it for me that symbol was the cat’s ass for jazz

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