The Grombal & Cymbal Chief Review

The Grombal & Cymbal Chief Review


cableaddict says:

I’m a 30-year pro recording engineer. I just got 2 sets of Cymbal Chief’s / Grombals.
I was very skeptical that these would help, since I already use no top felts. Well, I must say, I will be using these from now on! Compared to “no top felt,” the cymbals ring the same, but there is a bit LESS overall movement with the Cheifs. This is good. With no felt, the cymbal movement can actually be heard on mic, and I’m not fond of it. Also, it’s harder for a drummer to do multiple crashes accurately with no felt. IMO, THIS SYSTEM GIVES THE PERFECT AMOUNT OF MOVEMENT, AND A GREAT RING. I’m sold.

cableaddict says:

I must add an additional (not as happy) comment:
after some experimenting & recording, I have come to realize that this system slightly mutes the cymbal’s bell. By “slight,” I mean “too much for me to accept.”
Don’t even THINK about using this on a ride cymbal! I think this problem can probably be minimized, with some modification, but no guarantees. Maybe a convex washer on top of the chief, covered in rubber. Or maybe cut-down the diameter of the “bottom” part of the gromal. Of course, both of those things will then allow the cymbal to swing more again, when crashed, and sadly that control is what I love about them. Ugggh ….

cableaddict says:

BTW – This system is also a great way to deal with a beloved old cymbal that is badly key-holed.

Richard Goldman says:

FF to  @6:45

EthT says:

The grombal is a nice product, needs to be more popular.

Bob Trageser says:

I use the Grombal for ease of use and protecting them from keyholes being worn in…

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