Sabian XSR Cymbal Super Pack Review by Sweetwater

Nick D’Virgilio presents the Sabian XSR Cymbal Super Pack. For the XSR Series, Sabian has leveraged the latest cymbal-making technology and drawn on many of the same production methods used to make their high-end X-Plosion and Evolution cymbals. Hammered and featuring enhanced profiles, XSR cymbals sport re-shaped bells for superior sonic acceleration.

Get the Sabian XSR Cymbal Super Pack here:


Bradley Palles says:

Always amazed by Nicks playing

Nick Štíbr says:

Amazing review! Where can I get last playalong on the end of this video? 🙂

Isis Cruz says:

if it’s made like the evolutions and explosion sabian’s and made with a high end b20 alloy then how is it a cheaper cymbal at all if its all made with high end material?? am I missing something? also they sound just like the old b8pros.

Lake SuttonButtons says:

They sound great but I’m more of a zildjian guy

JC Denton says:

Yeah, but all I am thinking of is the COLOR of the Ludwig drums…


The Union Beats says:

i just got a pack of these yesterday, and they sound absolutely incredible. I compare them to my custom a’s soundwise, but what really sets them apart and makes them better is their sensitivity. You dont really have to crush them to get them to open up. i highly recommend these

Meir Meir says:


Jared Coffin Drums says:

Are we not gonna talk about that gorgeous drum set?

Nilk Narf says:

its a mother flippin CRASH symbal… crash the mother f-er . why you rollin

Aroutioun Karapetian says:


Lavish says:

Man, I always come to these videos for the review but always get blown away by Nick’s playing. He’s so good at playing many different styles of music, and I always enjoy the demos of the products.

Nilk Narf says:

I bought this exactly set. the hi hats and the ride are pretty good !! not a huge difference form the AAX line. HOWEVER, the crashes leave a bit to be desired. They are not harsh in anyway but lack some color.

Sean Lewis says:

Always been a Zildjian man myself, but these look and sound great. I’m really warming to these. Are these at the same level as the Zildjian S? The cymbals in the video, although nice sounding are a little on the small side for me. I like big crashes. Are there crashes available in 20”? Also is there a 21” or 22” ride available?

RUSHGEEK2112 says:

Great demo,

Beto Castelo says:

Can someone help me decide whether to get this set or the meinl classics

TheTrueHappy says:

man, this pack costs more than my actual kit haha, they sound good though.

Senor Gamer says:

I’m thinking of buying the add on set Which has 18″ China and 10″ splash. For $299

vitalik97 says:

so sad it replaced the xs20 line
these seem too bright and too vintag-y
xs20 used to be extremely dark sounding, especially 20 inch rock ride

Thomas Nappo says:

good job..good video

Brian Cullen says:

AT5045 overheads sound great too

Hayden is Meh name says:

do they have them in a non brilliant finish?

Andrew Brazinski says:

please review the kit you’re playing

Ethan Carlson says:

Please review the meinl classics custom cymbal pack! I can decide whether I want these or the classics customs

Lake SuttonButtons says:

Not a Sabian guy but these sound great

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