Sabian Quiet Tone Cymbals – Detailed Review – The Cymbal Project

Hello everyone! In this video I take a detailed first look at the new Quiet Tone Series of cymbals from Sabian. These are low volume cymbals that are made from steel and are new to the market. Check them out!

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tbang2391 covers & more says:

really cool i like them cymbals lance you do appreciate cymbals? well yea so i made my own flat ride cymbal on my chanel want you to appreciate it+sounds good. i fix the b20-brass, also how many holes in the cymbal. cheers……… love ur vids. tbang out

Sara Edge says:

Throwing that towel over is great for electronic music

Colin DeBaggis says:

Very cool but instead of using a blanket for the whole kit ive used t shirts and they sound the same plus there isnt a blanket to get in the way

21BrockBaldridge12 says:

Lance, how do you get such a nice bass tone with no muffling?

Joseph Guerra says:

Throw some mesh heads on the drums and you could practaly practice in an apartment.

Daves1world says:

I love the bell of the ride and steel. I find it very useful for quiet gigs.

Austin Deyo says:

Excellent video! Im impressed with those cymbals too.

Andrew Weiner says:

I am really confused. You said the cymbal project was done yet you do cymbal project stuff? I love that you still do cymbal stuff though!

Jose Dieguez says:

hola lance ,buenos platillos como para no espantar a los vecinos

MidriffPlays says:

Even though this isn’t a cymbal project video, how would you recommend making a cymbal thinner without a lathe? I was planning on using an abrasive wheel on my angle grinder, but I wanted to try and check with the master first!

geff gorg says:

Love how detailed this is, I was looking to get a set of these and this definitely helped a whole bunch, thank you.

djentlover says:

Why do these low volume cymbals have so annoying and piercing highs?

Ángel Ramírez says:

Suggestion: disclosure always before the demo.

Nicholas Margarite says:

Great review Lance. Nice to see you doing some things like this. Sabian rarely disappoints…these sound and look great.

Let's Drum says:

You should make some quiet cymbals yourself!

Simon says:

personally like the zildjian l80s better

Stephen Max says:

Sounds just like 70s drums/ old-school Jazz Drums/ with the blanket over the kit. Really cool!!

Mauro Urrai says:

That ride’s bell was unexpected, I really like the sound

Nicky Mataiti says:

Sample please!

Frank Michael Lischka says:

very impressive
I wish you a nice Sunday evening
friendly regards Frank

DuncDufc10 says:

Hey man – I’ve jus watched your 80s snare drum video but thought I’d get a better chance of a reply from ur latest one.
Bit of a weird question but you played a lot of nice, not over complicated fills on that video, but where do you get all the ideas for these fills? I am a beginner drummer and struggle thinking of decent fills
Many thanks

ZoroarkWarrior says:

5:31 sounds like the start of the yyz intro!

CrimSun says:

As other people have noted, the Sabian version is louder than the Zildjian L80.

Mike Corrêa says:

Coicidentally i was researching and watching tons of videos about low volume cymbals last night! By far the best sounding ones are the Agean R Series, but they are not only one of the most expensive of the category but they also sound pretty loud.

Ryley Egan says:

You should try making your own low volume

Stephen Addeo says:

I have to say they don’t seem very quiet.

Gethin Jones says:

I’m not a fan of the quiet tones. They are meant to be a lot quieter for practice. But they are the loudest low volume cymbals on the market. Their much brighter and don’t sound as good as others. I personally would go for the Zildjian L80s. For me they look better, sound better and are quieter than the Quiet Tone. The coating Zildjian put on the L80s make them look closer to real cymbals. I prefer the kit to look as close to a real kit as possible when using low volume products. Helps me practice better with the same mind set when sitting behind a kit. Both kits looking as close to each other but one much quite.

tbang2391 covers & more says:


Esteban Ceseña Jr. DRUMS says:

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Good job

Patte Macchiato says:

More ping is actually better for practice.

Márton Kardos says:

Please do these sound demos for your custom cymbals too, much better than with just the compression

Manderson 72 says:

i was hoping to hear good unaltered audio from these. thanks. Music stores dont really exist in my town.

Unusual scales on guitar says:

Great presentation Lance!!

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