Sabian FRX Cymbals Review

The Sabian FRX series works in settings where other cymbals may be too bold, such as intimate gatherings and recording applications. Sabian FRX professional cymbals are not volume reduced — just frequency limited. A series of micro-perforations near the bell reduces unwanted overtones for better seating among an ensemble. This same technology gives FRX cymbals a smooth, defined response that will delight players of discerning tastes.

Get these Sabian FRX cymbals for yourself:
14″ Hi-Hats:
16″ Crash:
17″ Crash:
18″ Crash:
20″ Ride:
21″ Ride:


Fil Solano says:

I could really benefit from these cymbals. On the other hand those craviottos look magically delicious

jeebsa4m3 says:

Too expensive to be honest

Lee Schmitz says:

Or you could just get Meinl Byzance cymbals, and not risk cracking the middle.

Jim Channick says:

Seriously though no one has even complained that my K Custom Darks were too loud. And I think they have more personality than these cymbals

llock3hart says:

All of these cymbals sound like a splash cymbals.

funkman0811 says:

It is ALWAYS a PLEASURE To Hear Nicks Playing . He is one of the Greatest Drummers kept under wraps. I ve seen him lift the Roof off a Club He plays every Genre of Music From Jazz Funk Blues Rock Country Latin He is FANTASTIC and Im checking out this entire line of Sabian FRX Cymbals to add to my Collection of Cymbals GREAT JOB NICK


They sound awesome….but they’re cymbals full of holes for drummers that can’t play quiet? Those will never crack.

Clarence Andrews says:

Way too much for the crashes! Ashamed at Sabian. They will soon fade away or bad talk about them cracking. $30 bucks more you can get the real deal. Another don’t tighten them up too much. Let me swing.

audiosamples says:

but the drums will still be too loud especially now in comparison, so gotta work on getting them reduced vol too

Thomas Nappo says:

Nice job

Mark Bennett says:

Really to expensive? what Junk are you guys buying? Great review nice idea for a top end product. I think we will see more companies doing this not less. The quest for holy grail great tone low volume started at the failed Gen 16 and moves on.. I hope some one really cracks it soon but this is a good start. Btw I live in Oz every dam bit of drum gear is so expensive that i have to sell a family member…

Owloalex says:

Way too expensive for me to ever buy

Brandon M says:

Would these be good for drummers in the studio who hit the cymbals too hard ? New guy here when it comes to drums

Alan Slimak says:

The working musician grinding it out in small bars and clubs have been dreaming about cymbals like these. However, they are not priced with the working musician in mind.

Drew Kane says:

Like most cymabls, they’re way too expensive.

Richard Goldman says:

They sound like big splashes.

drumfanatik316 says:

Wow!!! I just checked the prices of these things and have to say that I’m a little taken back!!! Wasn’t expecting a price point like that? I was expecting a package price with a couple add on options! Not almost $500 for a set of high hats!!! Just wow!!!

q Haven says:

Wow that’s incredible, I can’t get over this

KillasaurusArcade01 says:

Made for the small stage but cost the price of the big stage

Ian Farquhar says:

Just from hearing them for the first time I could imagine them as practice-type cymbals rather than small club or small gig. Wouldn’t use them for big open venues like he said at arenas. Probably not my sound for recording but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try and see how it comes out. I play DDrum Hybrid for touring and I use Evans heads only depending on enviorment and a small 4 piece Slingerland kit for practice and I can use these FRX cymbals in contrast with the toms and snare tuning. I like to pick out specific sounding cymbals that accompanies my toms mainly but also in what range my snare is tuned to (timballe) sounding snare. I don’t like deep low punch in snares as I feel there’s not much fullness of the actual sound.

Dan Mora says:

thank you for doing this with music it helps visualize how i’d sound at church, its all about giving a feel and experience

Erick Fernandez says:

I think I’d still pick 2 Artisan rides over all these (my favorites). I haven’t heard these in person so maybe I can’t judge? Very cool comparison at the end though!

Mike Delima says:

Well Done Nick. Very illustrative explanation.

sttommore says:

Could just be me, but it seems like these cymbals want to sit more naturally in a mix than “full bore” cymbals. In my limited experience, cymbals want to come across more harshly in the raw mix. Could just be that the experts here actually know what they’re doing, but I’d be interested in hearing what a more experienced hand thinks.

Ayush Aripirala says:

At least Nick doesn’t lose his passion for showing us new drum gear! Love the enthusiasm !

Joe Rico says:

The HHX completely DESTROY the Frx in every conceivable way. I predict the FRX will be the sales disappointment of 2018. Discontinued for the 2019 model year.

Mariusz Slawik says:

Can you actually swing on those rides? Which one is better?

Akiachrounoumena says:

eh…. I don’t need quiet cymbals. I just don’t. No matter what the setting. I thought these had a cool unique sound of some sort when i saw them in the catalog I gut in the mail…..

Dexter W. says:

This is the innovation I expect from Sabian! 🙂

I think a key word people aren’t using is “cut”.
These cymbals seem to take out the “cutting” frequencies in the cymbals.

Luis Gomez Rojas says:

excellent video!!

sttommore says:

The price point may be up there, but to be honest, these almost sound more pleasing than their upper-mid line, anyhow.

Clarence Hoover says:

Nick, thanks so much for the professional presentation. The info and demonstration was extremely helpful. The crashes sound incredible!

Ich Und Nicht Du says:

Tell me, what gram weight has the 16″?

Stephanie Sargent says:

One hi hat, three crashes, two rides, and no China?

Deron Samuel says:

Review B8X

Oystein Soreide says:

Most acoustic instruments must be played with volume in mind when played depending on the venue. A large piano can sound really intrusive if it’s played too loud in a small place. And many woodwind or brass instruments are capable of very high volume. Drums happens to be the only acoustic part left except for the vocals in many live bands, but vocals must usually be amplified to mix well with the drums.

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