Sabian 18″ El Sabor AAX Hand Cymbal Review and Demo

Sabian 18″ El Sabor AAX Hand Cymbal Review and Demo with a schalloch djembe and homemade hi hat shekere



Hey man, nice video. Could you take some pictures of your shekere and send it to me please?

bryan bowman says:

go to steve weiss music dot com…it is on the second [age of their cabasa/shekere page

bryan bowman says:

no need for a video! Just google Meinl Shekere Holder…it’s about 20 bucks, you set the shekere in it, and put it on your hi hat stand! that’s it.

bryan bowman says:

i use them a lot….the 20 is a ride i believe…i’ve never heard it in person

Kyle Medford-Hawkins says:

Hey, can you please please please do a vid on how to rig a shekere to act like a hihat? I have no clue and really wanna put one together. Thanks man. Ps awesome cymbal gunna have to get one

Kristin Shields says:


Gijs Van Leeuwen says:

in an other video you said it is an 16 inch one, which one is this? the 16 or 18?

SuperNguyễnChannel says:

Sounds gong-like. Would it be possible to hang this and use it as a gong?

Kyle Medford-Hawkins says:

Ahh awesome man, nice one.

dr400z1 says:

Thanks so much for demostrating and posting! Always woundered if any hand porcussionist used that cymbal! I been thinking of getting the 20″.

Kyle Medford-Hawkins says:

Couldn’t find it 🙁

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