Review: Sabian FRX Cymbals

From DRUM! magazine’s May 2018 issue. Read the full review at


Rick Delair says:

UGH. The only thing here that sounded halfway decent are the hi hats. The crashes are too short, too weak, and too dry and trashy. The ride has a nasty drone to it and crashes poorly. WHY do drummers like cymbals that I would throw in my brass pile for scrap these days? I gues my PAiSTe 2oo2 cymbals really “ruined” me to bright, crisp, and LOUD cymbals that SUSTAIN and the ride is both tight and focused with enough spread without too much wash, and is crashable, yet you can go straight back to a ride pattern after crashing and hear the definition clearly. I take that these are reduced volume cymbals with the holes punched in them. They are really crap, a waste of bronze. I was never a fan of Sabian, just Canadian copies of Zildjian cymbals, and now I like them even LESS. UGH. Cheers all! 😀

ynotw57 says:

Always love seeing new cymbals and manufacturing techniques. Nice hats. Thanks for the video.

Ardem Gourdikian says:

Great review. However the hi hat clutch should have been a little looser. Let them hats sing!

Darcy 809 says:

Are these budget cymbals?they sound kinda bad.

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