Paiste Signature Classic Cymbal Pack with Free 16″ Crash Reviewed

Get the Paiste Signature Classic Cymbal Pack with Free 16″ Crash here —–paiste-signature-classic-cymbal-pack-with-free-16-inch-crash

Paiste’s characteristic brilliance and fullness are on full display in the first-ever Signature Classic boxed set: a Sweetwater exclusive. Its perfectly intervallic 16″, 18″, and 20″ crashes, focused and chunky 14″ Dark Crisp hats, and never-before-seen 22″ Full Ride will take your rock and pop recordings to new heights. Every cymbal in this collection has been handcrafted and hand-paired by Paiste’s renowned Swiss cymbal artisans for the greatest tonal complement.

Learn more about the gear used in this video at the links below!

DW Design Series 5-piece Shell Pack – Clear Acrylic ––dw-design-series-5-piece-shell-pack-clear-acrylic

Cymbal Stands – DW 9700 Heavy Duty Double Braced Straight/Boom Cymbal Stand ––dw-9700-heavy-duty-double-braced-straight-boom-cymbal-stand
Cymbal Stands – DW 9900 Heavy Duty Double Tom Stand ––dw-9900-heavy-duty-double-tom-stand
Hi-Hat Stand – DW Machined Direct Drive Hi-hat Stand – 2 Leg ––dw-machined-direct-drive-hi-hat-stand-2-leg
Snare Stand – DW 9300 Heavy Duty Snare Stand ––dw-9300-heavy-duty-snare-stand-large-basket
Kick Pedal – DW Machined Bass Drum Pedal Chain Drive – Double ––dw-machined-bass-drum-pedal-chain-drive-double

Toms – Remo Emperor Colortone Drum Head ––remo-emperor-colortone-drum-head-10-inch-blue
Snare – Remo Powerstroke 77 Colortone Snare Head 14″ ––remo-powerstroke-77-colortone-snare-head-14-inch-smoke
Kick Drum – Remo Powerstroke 3 Colortone Bass Drum Head ––remo-powerstroke-3-colortone-bass-drum-head-22-inch-orange

Vater American Hickory Drumsticks – 5B – Wood Tip ––vater-american-hickory-drumsticks-5b-wood-tip

Kick – Audix D6 -–audix-d6-microphone
Snare – Shure SM57 ––shure-sm57-dynamic-instrument-microphone
Toms – Audio-Technica ATM350D ––audio-technica-atm350d-cardioid-condenser-drum-microphone
Overheads – Audio-Technica AT5045 ––audio-technica-at5045-large-diaphragm-condenser-microphone-matched-pair
Room – AEA N8 – Ribbon Microphone ––aea-n8-ribbon-microphone

Recording Gear:
Apple 15″ MacBook Pro –
2 Universal Audio Apollo 8p –
Avid Pro Tools 12 –
Glyph Studio 2TB Desktop Hard Drive –
Computer Stand – Meinl Percussion Laptop Table Stand –

Electric Guitar – PRS 509 Figured Top ––prs-509-figured-top-faded-whale-blue-with-pattern-regular-neck
Sound – Line 6 Helix Guitar Multi-effects Floor Processor ––line-6-helix-guitar-multi-effects-floor-processor
Bass Guitar – Fodera Emperor Standard ––fodera-emperor-standard-flame-maple-top-natural
Sound – direct into the Apollo 8p
Keyboard – Korg Kronos 88-key Synthesizer Workstation ––korg-kronos-88-key-synthesizer-workstation-gold


chriscf686868 says:

Signatures started in 1989. wow nick!

Neal Babbitt says:

In the video you call it a 22″ ride, but then you also call it a 20″ ride…

Bob D says:

i want a 22 inch ride

Ati Shephard says:

Nice mini-concert, fellas!

badian ou812 says:

Love that snare

michael padilla says:

Cool Jam Session and Nick Rockin The Paiste Cymbals ! Awesome !

George Johnson says:

I like this review format with a band and different musical styles. More please. Great musicians.

Jacob Ganzhorn Jappe says:

more of this!!

DrumboiBanne says:

Great playing, and Nick, you are fantastic. But you seriously say the same thing in every video. “Feels great under the hands.” “Super versatile”. I want to hear something real every once in a while. “These are better in this sort of setting than this genre” or something like that. Litterally every cymbal review video is the same.

Chris Hunter says:

I don’t care. This was awesome! More of this when you can, Nick!

Drumazing Greek says:

You were all magnificent…but that keyboard player is such tasty musician

Robert L says:

Could you make a video with Paiste 900 series in various styles like this one? All I find is metal videos and I want to hear them in other styles, so I can decide if they sound great in jazz, funk, blues, etc. Same with PST7

Robert L says:

I really miss my Paiste Signatures, especially the 13′ Dark Hats and Fast crashes. Loved them. So musical for many styles.

Richard Goldman says:

The drums sound like slapping a Ziplock bag full pudding.

Claudio Baraza Lopes says:

Sound like my old zildjian paper thin crashes. Fantastic

MayburyMayhem says:

I’d love me some pie-stee’s.

Aryo Pratama says:

Wow that gear on every player tho.

Luiz Gustavo Schneider says:

Definitively washy and delicious!!
I love signature sophisticated sound and they are my choice.
Just lacking the Hi hat that I am still playing with a good 2000 series.

Armz316 says:

Awesome video love it! Just wish you guy’s should demo drums & keyboard like this with Tears for Fears song please. Thank you!

Antonio Chang says:

Nick D Virgilio I admire you…

Christian Chandler says:

Sorry Nick, but the Signatures have been around since 1989…

Paul Hardyal says:

Is it me or nick just makes everything sound good?!?!?! Awesome group of guys!

Jaime sorlí says:

nick says 20 ride but in the description you can read 22, sound amazing, paiste always are xpensive on the hight level products but not fail…

Mike Gerbitz says:

Yep, Christian Chandler nailed it. The Signature series launched in 1989. Also, the 22″ Full Ride certainly HAS been seen before, it was one of the original sizes available for that model when the series was released along with 20″ and 21″.

Mr. Hollywood says:

“And they’ll Jazz!” but will they Dj3nt? Or better yet, will they *SLAM?*

Alan Yau says:

Wow!! What a treat! These guys are awesome, thanks for a great mini concert!

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