The PST 7s are now available. I bought the 18″ THIN CRASH model (1189 grams) shown/heard here. The PST 7 are, in my opinion, hands down, the best b8 alloy cymbal value on the market.

I play and compare it to the quintessential 2002 18″ crash sound (here in the video a 1976 18″ 2002 MEDIUM, at 1444 grams), as well as to a 1985 505 18″ CRASH (1397 grams) and finally to a 2012 PST 5 THIN CRASH (1377 grams).

***In all sincere fairness/respect to the memphisdrumshop dudes (they’re great guys/players/a great store and I’ve bought stuff from them in the past), the ‘’ rant in my video applies to only 2 or 3 videos I’ve seen (of course now I can’t seem to find them on YT). In reality, in almost all of the ‘’ videos, they do hit the crash straight off.
In fact, it’s entirely possible the annoying crash video demonstrations I’ve seen might not have even been ‘’/Memphis Drum Shop videos.

Also, I am not affiliated with the Paiste cymbal company in any way. I’ve only tried to give them (as well as Zildjian and Sabian) my unsolicited advice on numerous occasions over the years, and for that I’m not sorry.


GoldenPower says:

Minute 11:34 what is the name of tha cymbal??

Glen Gonzales says:

hi, what about the PST 8?

AstroGun Band AstroGun Band says:

Lol I hate videos like that took , great video !

disamakeame sick says:

Anyone.. Should I get a set of 2002s or signature precision’s??

Silencios Ordenados says:

Your videos are great, help me a lot on buying cymbals, and are so hilarious… your sounds, hahahhaa!!… love your videos…. and the “prrrrrrrrrrrrrriinnnnnggggg”…. i can´t stop laughing the first time a saw this video…

Big Boy2112 says:

I resonate with the stuff about as much as a paiste 80″ symphonic gong resonated … subbed!

Sean Lewis says:

The pst7 is a great cymbal in my opinion. piss me off also, just hit the fucking thing!!! I agree that they start life as the same blank but which is better in your opinion though, the pst5 or pst7?

Galacticaxis says:

I started on Zildjians, went to 2002 Paiste and 505 Paiste china and now I use Sabians. 2002’s are the best sounding line of cymbal I’ve ever played even the 2002 power ride, but I couldn’t keep them from cracking 🙁 so I had to switch. There was one 16inch Zildjian paper thin crash from the 70’s my friend gave me that was….AAHHHHH….beautiful…but I cracked it :(.

Sean Lewis says:

Have you done a video on the pst8’s? If not will you be?

ZhasX3 says:

Was thinking about getting a set, but now I’m going all in with these. Thanks for the in depth talk.

Timothy Gayne says:

cymbals good u not so much

Demonic Sweaters says:

haha, totally, I was just telling my friend the other day how it drives me nuts when you have guys tapping on bells in demo vids of hi hats, crashes etc… playing it every which way except the way you would actually play it, haha.

Coby Utterback says:

i cannot stress enough how much I love watching your videos. Your enthusiasm is contagious, your knowledge is vast and your humor is off the charts! Awesome !!

Mike Baas says:

3:10 – 3:50 “what we’re lookin at here I think is a pst5 blank..” at 3:49 “…and this is the pst5, Ugghh had to get that out of my system” the *ughh* sound he makes is priceless I cannot stop watching it, guys a yapping enthusiast on these cymbals

Mex Hurms says:

1:07 amen

Sandy says:

Hey Terry!! Great video!! I have a question. What do you think is better the PST 5 Universal set or the Rock set?? Looking to get one of those. Thanks.

cscamby0410 says:

Thanks! I loved your explanation regarding how B8 sounds better from farther away. Spot on. I have been using Paiste for 25 years and I always have said it was because they have more “sound”. At concerts, zildjian and sabian almost sound gated, if heard at all, from the crowd. The 2002’s, 505’s, and now PST 7 are the most noticeable but even the signatures have more glassy qualities than any zildjian or sabian I’ve ever heard and the craftsmanship is far superior with Paiste. Thanks for the videos!

Hans Aaraas says:

Love the passion in this video. Very informative!

Shan Iqbal says:

I am planning to buy Paiste 2002 Medium Hi Hats (black label) at a 33% discount. Can anyone please give their feedback or suggestions about this cymbal. Thank you in advance.

William Cholakian says:

not the sabian xs20’s they are the best value.

spir0sgi says:

I have a 1976 2002 18″ ride that I rarely use as a ride but I use it all the time as a crash…what is your opinion?to me it sounds amazing!do I hurt the cymbal?

joseph pattison says:

I’m just starting on drums. I bought 2002 20 inch power ride (a little keyhole) for $75 bucks. I’m thinking of buying the PST light set hats, 16 and 18 inch crash with a ride. I want to use the ride as a crash along with 18 inch crash, and using the 16 inch crash as a pie plate!

Glen Gonzales says:

thank you for the review. very informative

KingEdwards says:

This guy just ripped into i love it!

Tom Villano says:

great video and insight into the Paiste lines-thanks!

daveeeed says:

i agree dude. these poncy reviews where they should hit the fucker hard, but they do this kind of badminton pose before they hit it

Marcos Tapia says:

Fuck!…..I just bought a Mink coat

Robert Demaree says:

Terry check out the s series from ziljgian give paste a run I love them

Art Pereira says:

Dude, a bit late to the game with the comments on it, but ANYWAY!
Your dig at made me bust a gut! I had an 18″ PST7 china, and that thing sounded great but split along the’inner edge’ or crest or whatever it is called, the “change in direction of the bow” part after 2 months. I was sad. But I do hit like a gorilla. Any issues with durablity with others you noticed?
Just subscribed.
You have an entertaining personality, and it is fun to watch your videos and how you go off on a tangent. Cracks me up.

cscamby0410 says:

So I bought a 16″ 2002 medium and an 18″ 2002 crash. I also bought a 16″ pst7 heavy crash and an 18″ pst7 medium crash….on the gig, I honestly couldn’t hear much difference, if any. The pst7’s cut as much, and were bright and glassy like the 2002’s. So why are the pst7’s like 1/3 the price of 2002’s? Am I missing something? The pst7 heavy ride is quite similar to my 3000 power ride and the pst7 hi hats just sound phenomenal. I have to believe they’re far better cymbals than sabian b8 pro and the like, right?

Gab Ratté says:

8:05 “And that is my opinion, but it’s also true…” Probably one of Bonzoleum’s best line, you’re hilarious man!

Arthur Delfino says:

Hahah I agree with you about my

mck750 says:

Comment at 1.30 you nailed it (Y) nice sounding set.PST7

Jon Gold says:

This guy is crazy…but still good videos

sanic fast says:

Sold….just picked up an 18″ PST 7 crash. Bonzoleum, really enjoy your channel and videos. Thank you!

Eulypion says:

PAISTE are FOOLS NOT to hire you. I feel certain that their sales would increase substantially the first year making you the best investment they ever made.

Raul Medina says:

what do you think about Paiste 505 20″ heavy crash?

timzlewa goodall says:

thx very helpful

Jimi M. says:

Terry, buying a new 18″ crash, which is the better bang for your buck in your opinion: 2002 thin or PST7 thin? Thx

Grant Agnison says:

Hahaha! Yo are funny!

TheIntelligentView says:

Funny… and I agree about cymbal demo’s starting out pinging on crashes. I’m a UFIP nut! But for cheap cymbals, I think the Wuhan Traditional cyms sound best for a lesser price.

Gaz Jones81 says:

Awesome video bud. But out f the 4 18″ crash cymbals you played I preferred PST5 thin crash & the 505 crash. The 2002’s are lovely cymbals but to me they have a smokiness to them where the 505 & PST5 have a nice bright zing to them.

Mike Groesch says:

I love this guy.

Raul Medina says:

Pst7 18″ or old Alpha series 18″?

Cyrus II says:

i really like the swearing 🙂

Paul Gonzales says:

Great and helpful video! I was wondering, should I save for these PST7’s or wait some longer for some Zildjian A’s? Which would be a better choice?

laredd100 says:


SuperNick090 says:

Lol. …those soft hitting demos drive crazy too!!

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