Paiste 2002 Big Beat Cymbal Series Review

Nick D’Virgilio presents the Paiste 2002 Big Beat series of cymbals. These cymbals are crafted from Paiste’s 2002 bronze (CuSn8) for stage projection and specially hammered to bring out the bronze’s darker and smoother characteristics. If you’re a dynamic player, you’ll love the expressiveness in the 2002 Black Big Beats — particularly if you play a wide range of styles and venues.

Check out the gear used to make this video at the links below!

Paiste 2002 Big Beat Series Cymbals:

18” Crash/Ride –
20” Crash/Ride –
22” Crash/Ride –
15” Hi Hats –

Drum kit
Gretsch USA custom from Sweetwater Studios
Snare Drum – 6.5 x 14
Kick Drum – 18 x 20
Rack Tom – 8 x 12
Floor Tom – 16 x 16

DW 9000 Series Cymbal Stands –
DW 9000 Series Snare Stand –
DW 9000 Series Hi Hat Stand –
DW 9000 Series Kick Drum Pedal –

Kick drum – Audio Technica ATM250 –
Snare drums – Audio Technica AE 2300 –
Rack tom – Audio Technica ATM350cW –
Floor tom mic – Audio Technica ATM350cW –
Overhead mics – Audio Technica AT5045 –
Room – AEA N8 –

Remo Ambassador Coated –

Drum Sticks
Vic Firth 55A wood tip –
Vic Firth Standard Retractable Jazz Brush –
T2 Cartwheel timpani mallets –

Play-in music:
Bass Guitar – Ernie Ball Music Man’s StingRay 4 H –
Two Notes Le Bass pedal –
Electric Guitar – Fender USA Stratocaster –
Two Notes Le Clean pedal –
String Pad – Toontrack EZKeys –
sound: String Machine – Fat Strings
Synth Arpeggio – AIR Hybrid 3 –
sound: 07 Sequenced – 055 Acidifier

Play-out music:
Bass Guitar – Ernie Ball Music Man’s StingRay 4 H –
Two Notes Le Bass pedal –
Electric Guitar – Fender USA Stratocaster –
Two Notes Le Lead pedal –

Apple 15″ MacBook Pro –
Antelope Audio Orion Studio Thunderbolt Audio Interface –
Avid Pro Tools 12 –


Scott Gaines says:

Very cool. I generally prefer smaller hats, but in context they sound great.

Doug Warren says:

I have the 20″ and it’s a cool cymbal but it doesn’t fit in with my Paiste signature series cymbals. If you like the sustain of signature or reflector series then you probably wont dig these. I found the 20″ sounds great when not hit hard. I think they would make a nice jazz cymbal – there is a sweet spot with my 20″ at least and it is nice and warm.

Tomer Dichterman says:

too much “washy” ride sound for my taste – but it’s a great series nonetheless!

Prince Ramirez says:

Is Nick D’Virgilio a drummer or a vocalist? lol.

Jim hardiman says:

This series or the Giant Beats for a more open, darker sound but with the classic Paiste glassy top end?

Thomas A says:

Hi Nick, could you do a review on the sabian paragon cymbals (whole box)?

Sunbeom Kim says:

Paiste is the BEST. NO QUESTION.

Rob Burgess says:

Was that a little YYZ I heard when you were playing the bells? 🙂

moto brain says:

what title of play in music?

John Terby says:

Well done Nick! It’s nice to see someone with the knowledge and with such a thorough presentation as yours. Someone who can play well and give the product a fair review. I actually like these cymbals more now and thanks to your explanation of them, I understand better why I like them more.

Robert L says:

I checked out these cymbals at my local Drum store. They sound amazing. I can’t wait to buy them.
Especially the 22″, and 24″ cymbals. They have a nice smokey sound to them.

sam lamb says:

Where can I purchase these locally?

Mirkko De Maio says:

Thx for reviewing these- I’ve a 19″ and 21″ 2002 Black Beat and i use them as crashes, I just LOVE their tone!

Roe Sham Boe says:

best reviews… thanks for doing all the stuff like testing with the tip of the stick, hitting them solo’d one by one, etc… and im def interested in checking out 15″ hats after the Aranoff interview!

Rob Peacee says:

do a review on the pst7

mohsin ahmad says:

Hello Nick sir How are you? wishing you Namastey from India…love you sir

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