Pacific Drums Cymbal Kit Review

I purchased a set of cymbals off of from Pacific Drums. I learned my lesson, you definitely get what you pay for… no exceptions. These are some of the worst cymbals I have ever seen. Leave comments below about what you would like me to review next. Please like and favorite this video… Thanks.


Ollie Bonugli says:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but PDP is an entry level to medium level line of drums by DW, so PDP cymbals (assumedly) are stock cymbals which they put with PDP kits.

a zesty breakfast burrito says:

You should have gotten the Meinl HCS crash and Hi Hat pack. Great price for what you’re getting.

Albert Armendariz says:

you should get some wuhans there really Good sounding and cheap price

D'andre Chesterfield says:

FYI these PDP crash cymbals are a secret weapon for a few professional drummers. Here’s what they do… they buy two of the crash cymbals and use them as large dry hi-hats. Seriously they sound amazing.

HeetWav13 says:

I have a splash cymbal that cost me $120.00 for a 10″ cymbal. I never level up. I bought my beginner kit and would level up to advanced level drums until I got the skill, the money, and the need.

Ollie Bonugli says:

Use them in stacks, they sound quite trashy and dark

1800frank 1800frank says:

if u bend them a certain way they might soud like China cymbal

Alright! Records says:

XS20 & Stagg are the cheapest I’d ever go on cymbals.

a zesty breakfast burrito says:

Zildjian is pronounced ZIL-JIN

Nick Schmidt says:

Paint a big K on them and sell them online for no refunds!

mmzen says:

The picture for this pack at the Musiciansfriends website has a dent in it. They couldn’t even find a pair not fucked up for their official picture. I thought the cymbals that came with my crush drum kit where bad, holyshit THESE ARE REALLY FUCKING BAD!!!!!

Alright! Records says:

Wow, those hats are dreadful!

buddy7654 says:

buy sabian they are 130 for b8 but if u want to save up i have aax 15″ x cellerator hats and they are really good

Charlie Zediker says:

you should buy a pair of sabian b8 or b8 pro cymbal pack

Aaron Hall says:

I laughed so hard at this when he started playing the cymbals

D Adam says:

TLDR; Bad main cymbals, Good Effects cymbals.
Now here’s the thing. The reason you hate them is because they don’t sound like cymbals, they sound like steel baking sheets. And your right, Pearl stock cymbals sound like Sabian HHX compared to these. And they are marketing these as a beginner cymbal pack . However I LOVE the sound of these cheap, trashy, thin effects cymbals. I purposely bought some Agazarian 13 inch Hi Hats that were Identical(PDP doesn’t make these, they are made in China and sent out worldwide for companies to slap a logo on) for $20 Used and they sounded worse than the 20 Year old brass hi hats I was using. But they sounded Absolutely amazing as separate 13 inch splash/crashes. The high profile, lightweight and thin (500g EACH!) Material, and small size make them super splashy, trashy, and bright. If you’re thinking about buying any of these Chinese cymbal packs for a starter set, avoid and buy meinl HCS. If you want cheap effects cymbals, I Can’t recommend them enough.

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