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Today I am reviewing my favorite crappy cymbal stack!
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Sooo unfortunately it looks like all of the crappy cymbals I talked about in this video have been sold. The closest thing I would recommend would be:

18″ Zildjian S China (better quality than what I’m using) –
14″ Crap Hi Hat Top –

I’ve been using this stack for awhile now and I’ve loved every second of it! I’d really encourage you all to use anything that you have laying around the house. Some of your worst gear might surprise you!

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Marvin Hanson Drumming says:

oof, that floor tom is good

Ernest Kwame Adu says:

I agree with Marvin, the floor tom sounds amazing! Do you think this setup would work with an electric kit?


4:07 that voice crack tho

Ryan Brown says:

Use Wuhan hihats for it. They are super cheap and crappy

GRiLL says:

this gave me a bunch of ideas. nice vid man.

Michael Derrick says:

I bought a cheap hi hat to put on top of my china but the rod on my stand isn’t long enough to go through both :/ any tips ?

GnarlyNacho _ says:

what kit do you have? looks awesome and sounds amazing!

Michael Expensive says:

Could u please show/tell me how u tune ur floor tom? Great vid

Marshal McIff says:

Pretty sweet stack Gabe! I have three really bad old cymbals so I might need to make a stack myself. Unfortunately the only way I could put it on something is replacing my cowbell with the stack and I don’t want to do that !

PJ drumming says:

I love the sound of that China

JBHviews says:

the china alone sounds pretty nice

Luca Giorgio Baschieri says:

Hor shure this is best sounding stack sound i ever heard

Matthew Parsons says:

I’ve often found the cheaper the cymbals, the better they stack.

Rafa Dominguez says:

Wow, thanks a lot for this grand tip. I love Mike Portnoy Max Stax and with this I can get a near sound at least. Love it.

Samuel Jones says:

Snare sounds like a pillow

Nelson Rodriguez says:

is the floor tom a bass drum? it sounds super amazing.

joshua estrada says:

hi hat cymbal not to bad for a ride mixed with a crash and splash and maybe a bell had a baby

Camron Robb says:

Oh, and that stuff on your cymbal is oxidation. It’s what happens when cheap cymbals get left in humid conditions or get water on them. The dots start dark and as the residue eats at the cymbal, it starts to turn white. If you have brasso, then u can use it (but never on a normal cymbal with nothing wrong lol)

JabeerIni Home Brewer says:

Great vid mate! What mics do you use for your tom toms and floor tom? these sound GREAT.

Adam Keay says:

That bass drum sounds like small baby-farts coming in one at a time. imo.

Thomas Gabbini as Elvis official says:

thanks this is extremly helpful been trying to work out how to do this for along time

Philip J. Williamson says:

I currently use a zildjian zbt 20″ ride with a paiste alpha 16″ crash stacked on top. When I play the protruding edge of the ride it sounds like a very dark dry ride, no sustain and a little trashy. When I play the crash it becomes totally trashy and bright. The bell of the crash makes a very defined hollow ping sound, that while being totally dead, still cuts. For me, the variations and contrasts in sound produce a stack with some very usable musical qualities.

Randolf C says:

no cymbal sleeves?

joshua estrada says:

you are right about the trashy part though

Pablo Arango says:

great sound for cheap and broken cymbals, jajajajajajaja, great Job, Gabe!! thanks for this idea

Christian Paez says:

4:18 voice crack

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