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This is an overview and demo of the new Pure Alloy cymbals from Meinl. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!
Cymbals In This Video:
14″ Hi-Hats:
16″ Crash:
18″ Crash:
20″ Crash:
22″ Ride:
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Sega Milkis says:

Nice review, Austin!
Could you, please, make a video about YOUR approach to drum TUNING.

Don Luna Drummer says:

Nice….I never really liked the earthly sounds of Meinl , these are more my type.. what would be the price ranges , any idea ?

Pablo Arango says:

man! really good sounding cymbals, those hats are amazing!! but you know what? I love even more the way you snare sounds! please, give us a little tutorial of what you use and the way you tune that snare!

James Geary says:

They do sound like paistes. But I also think they sound kinda like classics customs. The crashes at least

Savantjazzcollective says:

let’s be honest, these are big band cymbals.

Devin Buchhorn says:

Best review I have seen so far. I bet you were happy when they decided to send you a set, a lot closer to the Sabians you used to play. To me, they definitely have a Paiste sound. Somewhere between 2002 and Sigs.

Wolfie 1217 says:

I’m glad meinl decided to get more clean cymbals into their line. I don’t know about you guys but I’m not a big fan of the dry crashes in the byzance line. (The rides and chinas on the other hand are fantastic)

cristian soto says:

I still miss the MB20, mb10 and Soundcaster custom, they were great and popular cymbals, why Meinl eliminated that lines?!

Van Allen says:


João De Paula says:

Paiste 602’s and the Modern Essentials… The Same…

Ryan Crane says:

Thank god. I generally like what Meinl has, but that whole dry series sounds like a stereotypical trashcan lid in all the wrong ways.

iopklmification says:

Meh. I don’t get the point of this line, the Byzance traditionnal already covers the need for general purpose cymbals, and they still have the Meinl sound. Those are much more generic, they sound like Paiste’s. Sure it’s a new option but it lacks personality.

Rick Powell says:

Interesting but it would have been useful to know which cymbals were thin, medium, heavy etc. I can guess of course but would rather have had that info….. Nice kit sound.

Torje Antonsen says:

I know that this is a cymbal demonstration video but god damn that snare sounds killer!

AG Drummer says:

This whole recording sounds amazing but that snare is tuned perfectly.

drummer4884 says:

MAN that snare is tight!! I love it.

James Burgess says:

Nice Cymbals. ANYWAY Benny Grebs new track couscous has some mental parts in it. its crying for a study the greats THANKS.

Tocar Bateria says:

I love that ride 🙂

AquaAnim says:

The hammering and look of these cymbals is very close to Paiste Giant beats.

Zenyatta Mondatta says:

You’re drum sound sounds supperrr good, huge improvement, it’s getting better

tdrum21 says:

Sound pretty clean. Remind me of Paiste sound

Juupke says:

That snare is tight!!! love it.

zappanco joey says:

Those are nice.

Troy Howard says:

Good stuff? I miss seeing your videos…… not as frequent. Is it because you’re so busy with studio/gig work?

Boston Chris says:

Hey Austin,
What do you think about Zildjian K cymbals? I just want to get you’re take on them.

MJDrums says:

Love the vids man keep it up!

dobosar87 says:

Is this B8 bronze? They sound like 2002 paiste.

theicnot says:

Paiste 2002, except $80-$90 less per cymbal,,,,,

AG Drummer says:

so basically Meinls version of a Zildjian A or Sabian AA? Someone already said this but traditional Byzances have alot more character and to me sound a lot better, but I do lean toward darker cymbals for sure.

Maximiliam Andersson says:

Fantastic product review, Austin. Thank you for the good talk, and for the great demonstration. Definitely gives a clear picture of what they are, and how they differ from for instance the Byzance Traditional series.

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