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Here’s my review of the Meinl Pure Alloy Cymbal Series!
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Dang, these pure alloys are really cool! I remember seeing them this year at NAMM and being really surprised that Meinl was coming out with some brighter stuff. But I was also really surprised by how much I liked them! So needless to say, I’m really excited to show you all what this cymbal series is all about!

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ben brick king says:

Great video! Nice cymbals 🙂

Jared Myles Princely says:

hi bro awesome video but can you please cut some of the highs from your vocal mic congrats on the new studio

DARRON117 says:

I love your videos!!!!

Ty Chin says:

Hey, why did you say you wouldn’t crash ride on the 20 and 22?

JMM says:

Fucking beautiful!

Elijah Nice says:

Wow! Love these! Good video my dude!

tharrock337 says:

wow giant compliment for the audio quality. Not only can you tell with closed eyes that these cymbals are something special you can clearly tell every single hit and the underlying swing of the cymbals as well, I even think I can hear that those are wooden sticks wich I’ve never noticed this much before. Brilliant video. I definitely consider getting my hands on the 22″ what a bell. (that’s the same one you used in the DNA cover right?)

Joel Bidell says:

Did our boy land a sponsorship deal with Meinl?

James Ferrell says:

They remind me of Paiste 2002s. They’re okay, but I find the high overtones to be somewhat harsh and annoying. They sound brittle and cheap, especially considering the price.

The hats are definitely the best sounding of the bunch though. You’re not kidding about the stick definition! It’d be interesting to hear how a hybrid pair with a different series sounds.

Aidan M says:

you feel like giving me that ride cymbal Gabe?? I’ll pay!! hahahaha great video as always ❤

Rich Eichelberg says:

Cymbals sound really good! You’ve been building a serious Meinl arsenal over these past months. I’m both impressed and a bit envious! Good job on the vid Gabe.

omar cortes says:

just love it. These cymbals are so clean and crisp. I used to use thin cymbals but, these meinls has the perfect wight. . Are you using the mapex falcon pedal?

Dylan Volker says:

Let me ask this Gabe… it seems that the Zildjian A Custom Ride is right around the same price as the Meinl (22″)… so which would you prefer to play, because I can’t pick which one to save up for!

GTcroove says:


Lozy Drums says:

Cymbals sound sick

TheCosmicCharizard says:

TBH, I preferred the Meinl Byzance Extra Drys. These kind just remind of Paiste 2002s. And don’t try to hide it, everyone knows you landed a sponsorship with Meinl.

Deager says:

Just admit you are sponsored

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