Meinl HCS Ultimate Cymbal Pack set Review


Oh Zee says:

This pack is a huge lie and false promise to the consumer. I’ve always valued that quality and patience go hand and hand. This pack is just a quick cheap easy route to a huge cymbal collection. (A crappy one at that) I guess this pack is perfect for people who just want to play the physical cymbals, but to anyone who cares about quality and sound, these are terrible.

Rishika Entertainment says:

nice videos

q Haven says:

I love how one of my crashes are more expensive than this entire cymbal set is

brian brianmh34 says:

I agree, for the money Wuhan has better sound quality and better prices

Braden Nielsen says:

Might be buying myself a pack of these for $99, they really don’t sound too bad for the price + seeing as it’s my first kit ever. I’d say the hi-hat sound is what bothers me most.

Levi Helmick says:

There was no link in the description

Matthew Cooper says:

Why would anyone buy these?

chris veltman says:

the hats, ride and 18 crash actually sound pretty good

PowersOnDrums says:

Sorry, but they sound cheap to me. Wuhan’s sound better.

Zaavon says:

They sound 20 times better in person

David Gamero says:

i’d get one cymbal maybe, a pack of these is pretty stupid 😛

Videogamemonkey YT says:

Although good cymbals

Harrison Joyner says:

He said 20 inch crash. It’s a ride bro

TheSvehlaPlays says:

Those are very cheap cymbals so if u want cheap but good cymbals go to a guitar center and look at there used cymbals. Don’t get menial hcs, zildjin ZBT or planet Z. Get Sabina b8, b8x, and b8pro. These cymbals are really cheap but good I bought a pare of Sabian b8 hi hats for $50 and a 14in b8 crash for $70 at my local guitar center. You can also find used cymbals on eBay, amazon, and cregslist. Also check sweatwater for new cymbals if you have a bigger budget I recommend getting zildjin cymbals like A custom, and S custom for rock, punk and metal music. If you are a more roots, jazz, pop, and blues person I recommend k custom and some paist cymbals too. Last if you have a really low budget look for woman the are good cymbals too.

Mandovlogs says:

theyre aight, suggestion tho, seems like you reach a little too much to get to the cymbals, bring them in closer unless thats how you like them, in that case, have at it man m/

Rick Mentore says:

A man of many talents and interest.

Nashif Shahriar Rakin says:

You can play drums too :O

Zaavon says:

Yo I have a whole set of them and if you play with a church there perfect because the wash doesn’t over kill a song

James Ball says:

I got the kit for 299

James Berlo says:

Wow, they do sound Good, better than I thought they would , excellent deal !!

dobosar87 says:

Paiste pst3 sound so much better.

Ja Be says:

i would probably recommend moving yr ride closer so its not such a reach to hit the bell on it

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