Meinl Cymbal Setup Demo & Review – Siros Vaziri

Today I’m reviewing all of my Meinl cymbals individually! Hear me demo them one by one and read my thoughts on each cymbal below.


All reviews in one place:


00:40 – Meinl 10″ Byzance Dark Splash –

01:45 – Meinl 18″ Byzance Extra Dry Dual Crash –

02:35 – Meinl 16″ Byzance Extra Dry Medium Thin Hihats –

03:38 – Meinl 18″ Classics Custom Trash China –

04:43 – Meinl 15″ Byzance Dark Hihats –

05:51 – Meinl 12″ Generation X Filter China –

06:45 – Meinl 20″ Byzance Traditional Extra Thin Hammered Crash –

07:44 – Meinl 10″ Soundcaster Custom Piccolo Trash China –

08:47 – Meinl 22″ Limited Edition Byzance Brilliant Trash Crash –


Note: I am not endorsed by Meinl Cymbals, and I am not paid to do any of this. It is 100% my own initiative, simply because I love these cymbals to death and want to share my experience with you all to help you find YOUR sound.


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I proudly endorse King Drums, Drumtacs and Sound & Communication in-ear monitors. I proudly play Meinl Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Vic Firth sticks and use Gibraltar Hardware.


Jason Hernandez says:

Are you sponsored?

Pappa Beats says:

Probably one of the best cymbal demos, thank you! Been thinking about switching Meinl. I use a mix of sabian ax and hhx. Meinl has done an exceptional job in bringing new flavors to bring new sonic value to the market. Less glassy and shimmery, more raw character. I’m convinced.

tubeampsrule1 says:

Great ghosting!

zefanya guitar alfarento says:

thank you man, cool!

Steve L says:

Hey, what’s the reason for having your rack toms the “opposite” way round? I’m just curious as I see a few drummers setting up like that.


MN Drummer says:

My god… that dual crash sounds awesome!!! I am about to Change my cymbal Setup. Used to be a Zildjian guy but Meinl has done great work in the past years. Can’t wait to get my hands on some Meinl Stuff!!!
By the way you are awesome Siros. Great Drummer and teacher. Please keep doing your great work. Hope you’ll get endorsed by Meinl soon 😉

SuperBattlefieldGuy fuckgoogle says:

Wow I’m actually amazed at how you remind me of my own style behind the drums. Talking about the grooves not the looks of course. Love the sound and mix too!

Jarri Cash says:

Those 15″ hats are NASTY! I’ve digging the meinls for awhile but that and the 20″ thin crash just do it for me…saving dough just for these cymbals…

Lucho Borlenghi says:

I’m in love with your 22 trash crash.

Civvix says:

I don’t understand why people don’t talk about meinl cymbals more often? They sound so much better than anything else its not even funny

Will Smith says:

Hey man, totally unrelated question, but how do you get your hair like that?

DemiUrge says:

Were you playing a Meshuggah song on that Custom Trash China? Damn that sounded so familiar

Eduardo Galindo Brambila says:

Put a mic on the hats u dumb fuck

Ronnie Caudill says:

Love that trash crash for sure

PowerSwap Papyrus says:

This is why I chose Meinl instead of Zildijan.

Luke Walker says:

I’m yet to hear a bad sounding meinl cymbal

Evin D says:

I have meinl HCS series cymbals

Márton Kardos says:

Your ride is amazing!

GatoPaint says:

kick drum and snare mic ?

Sam Edits says:

Hey, interested in buying some meinl cymbals (a 20″ dual crash ride, a 20″ trad medium thin Byzance crash and probably a China) but I have no idea about durability. Have you broke any yet? And if yes how long did they last?

Miles Farnan says:

all the good drummers play meinl… all the shitty drummers on youtube play zildian…. *cough cough* *coop3rdrumm3r*

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