Laurin Cymbals – unboxing and first impressions – Laurin Drums Cymbal Review

This is my unboxing, first impressions and review of a 12 inch crash cymbal sent to me by Laurin Drums for my Alesis Crimson Electronic Drum kit. Thank you Laurin Drums for sending me this really cool cymbal. The quality of this cymbal is much better than I anticipated. Please visit Laurin Drums at

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Beats By Jay says:

Looks nice. Looks like they copied the basic design of Jobeky cymbals but added the rubber rim and “felt” coating. You’ll have to keep me informed on the durability of if… The constant battle with e-cymbals made from real cymbals is that real cymbals flex, where e-cymbals do not… The marriage between the two is a tricky balance.

Jay Klein says:

Looking forward to hearing and seeing it in action next to your old cymbal. Also looking to see how it holds up long-term.

Cynthia Jamerson says:

OK, I don’t even have a drum set and I’m ready to go buy one lol. It looks really cool.

Drummer101 says:

Awesome looking cymbal!!! Hey could you do me a favor by telling me wut camera u used for this? Cuz i really want that 720p*60*. awesome video man. 🙂

DRUM ON says:

Cool looking cymbal i like it

Jeff-Drums says:

I really like that cymbal and your snare. Was on their website and would definitely consider a purchase in the future!

Michael Perry says:

Very awesome!!!

johnsondrummer says:

Great unboxing man. This was cool. This cymbal looks amazing. Pretty sick

RT Fixem says:

Pretty impressive. Does remind me of the Jobeky cymbal. Looks very cool on the e-kit. I will be curious to see how it holds up after many hours of playing. I wonder if your supposed to hit the rubber outer rail or is it ok to play the bow? It would seem constant “beating” of the rubber like material will wear it off eventually.

OneMorePlease says:

Super cool cymbal! You did a really nice job with the review! 😀

David Crivello says:

Looks and sounds really good. Hope it holds up but I’m sure it will.

Zax Drums says:

Really cool!! Looking to see if your are going to get more now!!

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