Heartbeat Dry Custom Cymbals Review

Jake Nicolle

Heartbeat Cymbals Dry Custom Review

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Jake is seen using:
Dunnett Titanium 14×6.5 Snare Drum
Yamaha Phoenix Drums
Heartbeat Dry Custom
Evans Drumheads
180 Drums Vic Firth Sticks


Will Watson says:

the bass drum sounds like a wet sock

Antonio D. Bonner Sr. says:

That’s whatz up! #ThumbsUp. …


nice tones, very zildjian-esque.

Joshua Mwembela says:

Simply beautiful…

Reghard Smith says:

Hey it sounds good, is this a new brand ? I haven’t seen this in South Africa yet

joel flores says:

+180 DRUMS what do you mean when you say that those cymbals open up super easy? and by smooth and buttery?

Stuart Bradley says:

Where can you purchase them?

Von Sterner says:

I’ve never heard of heartbeat until a few minutes ago. I’m a big zildjian fan. I have A, A customs, A custom rezo, and a custom dark K. I still love my cymbals, but I have to say these cymbals sound amazing. That 20 inch crash might be the best crash ive ever heard. Wow, I’m impressed heartbeat.

Joey Nutting says:

I absolutely love these. However, I absolutely cannot decide if I would want the 20″ crash or the 22″ ride as my crash.

DrUMM!NG - says:

From reading and researching about these cymbals, they are mainly designed for contemporary worship.

Andy Akins says:

Would love to see some more product reviews for the other lines if you can get your hands on them! Thinking about going with heartbeat in the future!

Daniel Casher says:

Very nice sounding cymbals. Those drums sound good too.

Wyatt Brady Drums says:

These sound great! It’s almost a mix between Zildjian A Customs and Meinl Byzance Extra Dry! Well done Heartbeat.

Ross X says:

What are those cymbal toppers?

Nick McClure says:

I would love to see you demo more Heartbeats! I’m just not finding a lot of good demos for them, despite how highly acclaimed they are. They don’t do demo events either, so it’s hard to get a good idea of what their different series of cymbals sound like.

Matthew Batki says:

I use my custom dry 22 ride as crash cymbal.

David Ropotusin says:

i endorse em, come check them out on my channel.

Drum_ 4Christ says:

I love these cymbals

stevecrump12 says:

As a heartbeat artist I cant doing anything but sing of their praises. Great guys to work with and amazed by the workmanship of the cymbals they put out.

JBHviews says:

besides the appearance, whats dry about these cymbals ? lol

2018 Student Mario Grandinetti says:

THIS is my perfect cymbal… May have just found exactly the cymbal I dream of. Too bad im poor.

Jensen Cadenhead says:

My 18″ omni bent like that and cracked after 3 gigs

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