Cympads – Foam Cymbal Pad Review – iDrum Magazine Cympad Review with Ian Croft of iDrum Magazine. Optimize your cymbal sound with Cympad. This review of the Cympad cymbal pad features in iDrum Magazine Issue 6. Ian Croft demonstrates the Cympads in action.

Cympads are useful premium grade cellular foam ‘pads’ that allow your cymbals to fully express the sound, they offer a longer life span than the traditional felts!!

You can read more info on the Cympad in Issue 6 of iDrum Magazine by heading to:

Alternatively head to


alan duncan says:

felts absorb the sound of the cymbal? How can you say that with a straight face? I use felt pads that are 50 years old and they’re perfect. It’s a neat product though.

veerchasm1 says:

“Cellular” …big word for foam

iContradict rC says:

I thought it wasn’t going to be worth anything, and I love them.

David Mcmenemy says:

Is it just me or does it sound no different? lol

Reto Hirschi says:


TheMatthiasDrummer says:

i tink ill get a bunch of those 🙂 good review

Jessica Anderson says:

Quick comparison:
2:02 (felts); 3:11 (cympads)
Make sure to watch in HD!

Nickk Psy says:

seems like a joke to me XD lmao

Hendra Widjaja says:

Is it EVA foam? I think it is…

NouveauNick says:

Whoa – that’s actually a huge difference.

I just ordered a started package!

tamabasher says:

I was skeptical also. I did the side by side test. These things truly work. I was so convinced I became a CYMPAD endorser.
Thanks Reto Hirschi

Ric Martelino – the DAMNits / USA

Michael Drexler says:

Love anything to get a better sound.

Michael Boykin says:

Snake oil but if they last 5 times as long as felts and don’t cost 5 times what felts cost… then they may be worth it.

sjkhammer says:

Really quite happy with the set I’ve got, Hi-Hat, crashes & ride, could tell difference between them & old felts. A much truer “cleaner” sound, both at home and rehearsals, ok a audience may not notice, but I don’t really think that’s the point, its what the drummer & band hear. I’ll look forward to using them in a studio.

ScurvyOtto says:

spit it out man!

K to the K says:

Nice video, thanks.

Jon N says:

You may hear a slight difference in a nice quiet environment like that..but on stage with a full band playing loud..let me know if you hear a difference.

Michael Moore says:

you really need to listen closely. there’s actually a drastic difference in sounds betwee

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